Helicopters Vocabulary Word List (174)

A)Aerodyne, Aeronautical, Agriculture, Air taxi, Aircraft, Airship, Angles, Anti-torque, Attack, Aviation
B)Bell, Bend, Bird, Black box, Blades, Blast, Buckle
C)Cargo, Certification, Charter, Clatter, Climb, Clockwise, Collective, Communication, Compliance, Components, Contour, Control, Craft, Cruise, Cyclic
D)Design, Dip, Dip, Direction, Disc, Door, Down, Drag, Drift
E)East, Emergencies, Engine, Equipment, Exhaust, Exterior
F)F-22, Fire fighting, Flare, Flight training, Flights, Frame, Fuselage
G)Goose, Governor, Gyroplane
H)HAI (Helicopter Association International), Hammer, Harness, Harrier, Heading, Headset, Helicopter, Helipad, Hoist, Horizontal, Hours, Hover, Hub, Humidity
I)Idle, Injury, Instructor, Instruments, Interior
L)Land, Landing, Latch, Leasing, Left, Length, Level, Lift, Lock
M)Maintenance, Maneuver, Manufacturer, Mission, Momentum, Motion, Movement
N)Navigate, Neutral, North, Nose
O)Observation, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), Operations, Overhaul, Overhead
P)Passenger, Pedals, Perpendicular, Pilot, Pitch, Police, Position, Pressure
R)Reconnaissance, Regulatory, Repair, Rescue, Research, Retract, Reverse, Right, Roll, Roomy, Rotation, Rotor wash, Rotors, Row, RPM
S)Safety, Schooling, Search, Seat, Services, Shaft, Sill, Slipstream, South, Space, Speed, Stabilizers, Stationary, Steer, Surveillance
T)Tail, Take-off, Temperature, Thermals, Throttle, Thrust, Tilt, Torque, Tourism, Tracking, Transmitter, Troops, Turbine, Twin-engines
U)Unlatch, Unlock, Up, Utility
V)Vector, Velocity, Version, Vision
W)Warning, Wash, Weight, West, Wheels, Whop-whop, Width, Wind, Window, Wings
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