Hawaii Vocabulary Word List (179)

A)Aloha, Ancestry, Ancient, Appeal, Art, Attraction, Authentic
B)Background, Beauty, Beliefs, Blossom, Bungalow
C)Canyon, Captain J. Cook, Ceremony, Chant, Chart, Cliffs, Climate, Coast, Coconut, Colony, Colorful, Coral, Crater, Culture, Customs
D)Dance, Delight, Descent, Design, Destination, Discovery
E)Earth, Education, Elders, Entertainment, Eruption, Extinct
F)Festive, Fishing, Flock, Flow, Flowers, Fruit
G)Game fish, Genuine, Ginger, Goddess, Gods, Grass skirts, Greeting, Guests
H)Haupia, Hawaiian, Heavenly, Heritage, Hibiscus, Hiking, Honeymoon, Honor, Hotels, Hula
I)Informality, Intone, Islander, Islands, Islet, Isthmus
K)Kalua pig, King Kamehameha, Koa canoe, Kupunas. lagoon
L)Lauhala weaving, Lava, Lei, Leprosy, Life, Luau, Luxury
M)Mainland, Marine, Mesmerize, Military, Missionaries, Moonscape, Music, Musical, Muumuu
N)Nationality, Native, Navigation, Noticeable
O)Ocean, Oceanfront, Orchid, Origin, Outrigger
P)Pacific, Pageantry, Palms, Paradise, Pearl Harbor, Petroglyph, Pineapple, Plantation, Playground, Plumeria, Poi, Point of interest, Polynesia, Profusion
Q)Quality, Quantity, Questions
R)Races, Rain, Rainbow, Refresh, Relaxation, Relief, Resort, Respect, Respect, Restful, Revere, Reverence, Rhythm, Ritual
S)Sailing, Sanctity, Sand, Sandwich Islands, Scenery, Sea, Seaport, Shells, Ships, Shipwreck, Shore, Society, Souvenir, Statehood, Steel guitar, Storytelling, Sugar cane, Sunbather, Sunshine, Surf, Surfing, Sway, Swimmer, Symbol
T)Taro leaf, Territory, Thatched, Timeless, Tourists, Traditional, Travel, Tropical
U)Ukulele, Unique, Unison
V)Vacation, View, Village, Visitor, Vista, Volcanic
W)Waterfalls, Waves, Welcome, Wisdom, Worship, Wreath
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Hawaii Interesting facts

The Hawaiian alphabet only has 12 letters! Words and syllables end in a vowel. Two consonants always have a vowel between them

Hawaii is made up of a chain of 132 islands. There are eight main islands, seven are the most populated. The major islands include: Hawaii (the Big Island), Kahoolawe, Kauai (the Garden Island), Lanai (the Pineapple Island), Maui (the Valley Island), Molokai (the Friendly Island), Niihau (the Forbidden Island) and Oahu (the Gathering Place)

Honolulu, Waikiki Beach = Oahu
Dec. 7, 1941

Some frequently heard Hawaiian words include:
aloha = farewell, hello, love, welcome
haole = foreigner, usually Caucasians haupia = coconut pudding
hukilau = community fishing party
hula = dance
kapu = forbidden
kupunas = elders
lei = garland, neck-piece, wreath
luau = feast, party often with dancing and singing
mahalo = thank you, thanks
malihini = newcomer mauna = mountain
poi = starchy food made from the taro plant
wahine = lady, woman
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