Harmonica Vocabulary Word List (105)

A)Adjust, Advanced, Ages, Air, Air hole, Amateur, Amplify, Audience
B)Band, Bass, Bean Blossom Harmonica Contest, Beginner, Bending, Blues, Bolt, Brand, Breath, Breathe, Budget
C)Chamber, Chord, Chromatic, Classes, Classical, Club, Comb, Competitions, Control, Country, Cupping
D)Design, Diatonic, Dissonance
E)Education, Effect, Electric, Elongated, Embouchure, Enjoy, Exercise, Exhale
F)Folk music, French harp, Fun
G)Genre, Group
H)Handheld, Hear, Hohner
I)Inhale, Instrument, Intermediate
J)Jazz, Jug band
L)Lips, Listen, Lungs, Lungs
M)Manufacture, Melody, Metal, Mouth organ, Mouthpiece, Music
N)Names, Neck rack
O)Octave, Orchestral, Oskar
P)Performance, Pitch, Plastic, Play, Playing, Popular, Portable, Practice, Professional
R)Rectangular, Reed, Rehabilitation, Reverberation
S)Scale, Scale, Seydel, Sheet music, Small, Song, Sounds, Study, Suzuki
T)Technique, The World Harmonica Festival, Tones, Tremolo, Tune, Tuning
V)Version, Vibration, Vienna
W)Wind, Worldwide
Y)Yamaha, Yellow Pine Idaho
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