Hanukkah Vocabulary Word List (125)

A)Activities, Adhere
C)Calendar, Candelabrum, Candles, Celebration, Center, Chanukah, Cheer, Children, Chocolate, Coins, Commemorate, Community, Connection, Covenant, Custom
D)Dairy, Dark, Date, December, Desecration, Doughnuts, Dreidel
E)Eight-days, Enact, Event, Exchanging, Extra
F)Faith, Family, Fellowship, Festival, Festival of lights, Focus, Food, Four-sided top, Freedom, Fried foods, Fundamental
G)Games, Gelt, Genesis, Gifts, Gimel, God
H)Hallel, Hanerot Hallalu, Hebrew, Hei, History, Holiday
I)Important, Ingredients, Interaction, Israel
J)Jerusalem, Jewish
K)Kindle, Kindling, Kislev, Kugel
L)Latkes, Light, Lighting, Livivot
M)Maccabees, Menorah, Miracle, Moses, Mount Sinai, Music
N)Nights, Nine-branched, November, Nun
O)Observance, Observe, Occurrence, Oil, Ornate
P)Partnership, Pennies, Potato pancakes, Potatoes, Prayers, Pudding, Purity
R)Rabbi, Re-dedication, Reaction, Recipes, Recitation, Redeem, Relatives, Religion, Ritual
S)Sabbath, Sacrifice, Secular, Service, Shamash, Sharing, Shin, Singing, Specialties, Spin, Spiritual, Strict, Sufganiyot, Sundown, Survival, Syrian-Greeks
T)Temple, Tevet, Tolerance, Traditional
V)Values, Vessel, Victory
Y)Yiddish, Yop
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