Halloween Vocabulary Word List (266)

A)Abhorrent, Adventure, Afraid, Allure, Alone, Amulet, Annihilate, Antics, Apparition, Awesome
B)Banshee, Basket, Bats, Beasts, Bewitching, Black, Black cat, Black cats, Black magic, Blood curdling, Bloody, Bobbing, Bones, Bony, Boo, Boogie-man, Brew, Brimstone, Broom, Bubbling
C)Cackle, Candles, Candy, Candy corn, Captivate, Carvings, Cat, Cauldron, Caution, Cemetery, Ceremonies, Charms, Chills, Clairvoyant, Cloak, Cloudy, Clove of garlic, Cobwebs, Cockroach, Coffin, Concoction, Conjure, Contort, Costume, Coven, Crawling, Crazed, Creaking, Creepy, Cringe, Crone, Crypt, Curses
D)Dark, Decapitation, Decomposed, Decorations, Demon, Devil, Dim, Disgusting, Dismal, Dracula, Dragon, Druids, Dunk for apples, Dusk
E)Eek, Eerie, Effect, Elf, Enchant, Entertaining, Escapade
F)Face paint, Fairy, Fear, Feasting, Fiend, Foggy, Fortuneteller, Frankenstein, Fright, Frighten, Frozen to the spot, Frozen with fear
G)Gasp, Ghastly, Ghost, Ghoul, Gnarl, Gnome, Goblin, Goose bumps, Goose flesh, Gory, Gourd, Grave, Gremlin, Grim Reaper, Groaning, Gross, Grotesque, Gruesome
H)Hag, Haunt, Haven, Headless horseman, Hecate, Hex, Hobgoblin, Horrible, Horrify, Horseman, Hover, Howl, Hysterical
I)Imitate, Imp, Infect, Influence
J)Jack-o-lantern, Jinx, Jokes
L)Labyrinth, Lantern, Leprechaun, Lunar, Lycanthrope
M)Macabre, Maggot, Magic, Magic spells, Magical, Maniac, Mask, Maze, Mesmerize, Metamorphosis, Miasma, Moan, Monster, Moon, Mummy, Mysterious, Mystery
N)Netherworld, Newt, Nightmarish, Noisemaker, Noisy
O)Occultism, Occurrences, Ogre, Orange, Outer limit, Outfit
P)Parade, Pendant, Pentagram, Petrify, Phantasm, Phantom, Phenomenon, Possess, Potions, Potters field, Pranks, Prowl, Psychic, Pumpkin, Purple
Q)Quake, Quest, Quiver
R)Rattle, Repugnant, Revolting
S)Sack, Sarcophagus, Scar, Scare, Scared, Scream, Screech, Scythe, Season, Seer, Shiver, Shriek, Sibyl, Sinister, Skeleton, Skulduggery, Skull, Slink, Soothsayer, Sorcerer, Sorcery, Soul, Specter, Spectral, Spell, Spellbound, Spider, Spine-tingling, Spirit, Spook, Stuff, Supernatural, Superstition, Supervision, Suspicious
T)Terror, Terrorize, Toads, Tomb, Tortured, Treasure, Trick or treat, Trickery, Troll, Twilight
U)Ugly, Uneasy, Unexpected, Unexplained, Unmask
V)Vampire, Vein, Vixen, Voodoo
W)Wail, Wandering, Warts, Waylay, Weird, Whisper, Whistle, Wicked, Wild, Witch, Witch doctor, Witchcraft, Wizard, Wolf man, Wooden stake, Worrisome
Y)Yells, Yelp
Z)Zap, Zombie, Zone, Zorro
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Halloween Information:
1. The first recorded Halloween celebration in the USA occurred in 1921 in Anoka, MN
2. The Haunted House Capital of the World is located in Kansas City, MO where the city features "The Beast."
3. Amusement Today judged Kennywood, PA as the third best Halloween event. Kennywood is located near Pittsburgh.
4. Statistics show that at Knott�s "Scary"Farm located on 100 acres in Buena Vista, CA, more than 1,000 people visit.
5.Some authors of scary stories include: Ray Bradbury, Shirley Jackson, Dean Koontz, J.C. Oates, Edgar Allan Poe and H.G. Wells
6. Names of some spooky places in the US:
Black Cat, AR
Boos, IL
Broomstick Lake, NY
Devils Lake, ND
Frankenstein, MO
Ghoul Creek, WA
Goblin Knobs, NV
Mummy Mountain, CO
Pumpkintown, NC
Skull Valley, AZ
Slaughter, LA
Spooky Butte, ID
Tombstone, AZ

An additional (151) Halloween vocabulary word list: Many thanks to a teacher-participant, MP, in Scotland:

abhorrent, abode of the dead, afraid, annihilation, apparition, Banshee, bewitching, Black Mass, blood covenant, bloodcurdling, blood letting, bloodsucking, bony, brimstone, brutalize, bumps in the night, cloves of garlic, cockroaches, crawling, creaking, creepy, creeping, Cyclops, damned, death, decapitated, decomposing, deja vu, dematerialize, disembody, disembowel, disgusting, disturbing, dunking for apples, doomed, dragon, Druids, ectoplasm, entomb, exorcise, exorcism, exorcist, feasting, fiend, flesh eating, foul, freak, frozen to the spot, frozen with fear, Gargoyles, gasping, Gehenna, Ghost busters, ghost train, grave, Grim Reaper, grisly, grotesque, growling, groaning, gorging, grotesque, gruesome, guise, hackles rising, hair raising, heinous, hideous, hobgoblins, horrible, Hottentots, howling, infest, hysteria, insanity, maggot ridden, manic, maniac, manifestation, Medusa, mesmerize, metamorphosis, moaning, monster, monstrous, moldy, mummy, mutilate, nightmarish, number three, obliterate perverse, possessed, prey, petrifying, psychopath, rasp, repugnant, revolting, ritualistic, sarcophagus, sacrifice, Sangoma, screeching, scythe, shrieking, slayer, spirit, spiritualist, Styx, soul sucker, tomb, torture, troll, ugly, wailing, warlock, weird, werewolf, whispering, witch doctor, wooden stake, zap

Halloween Lesson Plan ACTIVITIES: Have students, friends:
1. Draw or find pictures of items suggestive of Halloween: ex: a black cat, a cauldron etc. etc.
2. Make, buy or cook some food that would be unusual
3. Name thirteen groups of things that are similar (treats, items, costumes, words etc.)
4. Create a list of safety procedures for children who trick-or-treat
5. Name some item that has the same shape as a hat that a witch would wear.
6. Find/bring into class something a witch might own
7. Discover as many words as possible that include the letters b-o-o
8. Carve/decorate pumpkins and have a contest.
9. Find a scary story you can share: make-up, books, newspaper
10. Have a contest to name items to be put in a witch's brew.
11. List other means of traveling a witch could choose if her broom were lost, stolen or broken...
12. As a group, decide what kinds of people could get along with a witch (someone in the news, a cartoon figure, a comic character or someone known!)
13. Invent a spooky/ghost/pumpkin/black cat story that takes place in a cemetery
14. Hold an art contest and pick winners from 1-3 categories
15. Have students rename popular stores with names that suggest Halloween (Ex: FedEx=DeadEx, PakMail=RatMail etc.)
16. Have a parade of costumes and a party afterward
17. Create a Ghost Story Contest
18. List at least 5 words that describe a strange or scary scene (examples: hallucination, cemetery, labyrinth, miasma, cobwebs)
19. Give at least 5 words that tell how a person would feel in scary situations (examples: petrify, goose bumps, chills, cringe, eerie)
20. Name at least five mysterious words (examples: cauldron, sinister, macabre, metamorphosis, slink, slither, skitter, premonition)
21. Find at least five action verbs for eerie stories (examples: wail, quake, quiver, conjure, hallucinate, scare)
22. Make a Halloween Cut-Out Mask and allow plenty of room for eyes

Halloween Lesson Plans and discussion questions:
1. Do you know the legend of Jack 'O Lantern, an Irish folktale? Explain
2. Mary Shelley wrote a book in 1818 about a famous monster. Can you name this creature? What do you know about the story? offers more than 729 word lists including Halloween Dinner Menu, Halloween Candy Sweets and Pumpkins and Zombies vocabulary word list here: Pumpkins and Zombies.
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