Halloween Dinner Menu Vocabulary Word List (71)

A)A howling good dinner
B)Baked rigabones, Berserk beets, Blood tarts, Bloody cherry sauces, Boo-taters, Bread sticks bones
C)Candy corn bites, Chicken a la Frankenstein
D)Dark coffee, Deviled eggs, Devilish brews
E)Eerie eyeball chocolates, Entertainment by Rapture Music
F)Fairy princess peaches, Fearful French beans, Field of screams salad, Fried frosted figs
G)Garlic green beans, Ghost marshmallows, Ghoulish entertainment, Ghoulish supper, Graveyard cake, Gummy worms
H)Halloween truffles, Hobgoblin hash, Howl-o-ween cookies
I)Iced iguanas, Icky ice cream, Icy clotted cream
J)Jiggly jelly beans
K)Kooky ketchup, Krunchy kupcakes
L)Leech lemonade, Leeks
M)Macaroni brains, Mashed boo-taters, Maudlin meatloaf, Monster mash sweet potatoes, Monster mashed potatoes, Mummy hot dogs
N)Nightshade noodles
O)Odorous omelets
P)Paw lemonade, Pink pork pasta, Pumpkin peanuts, Putrid pickles
Q)Questionable quiche ingredients
R)Rancid raspberries
S)Scary succotash, Screaming spinach, Shark attack shrimp, Shattered glass cupcakes, Skull steak, Slime sauce, Spider deviled eggs, Spooktacular dinner, Spooky shrimp, Squirming squid, Squished squash
T)Tiger claw prawns
U)Uncooked upside down cake
V)Vampire cocktail, Vampire soup, Vampire stake
W)Wicked witch carrots
X)X-rays of xisses
Y)Yucky yogurt
Z)Zombie zucchini
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