Halloween candy sweets Vocabulary Word List (103)

A)Airheads, Almond Joy, Appeal, Appetite, Aroma
B)Baby Ruth, Bars, Bazooka, Brands, Butterfinger
C)Cake, Calories, Candy, Candy corn, Chewy, Chocolate, Choice, Confectioner, Container, Cookies, Cost, Crushed, Cupcakes
D)Dark chocolate, Delicious, Diet, Double Bubble
E)Eating, Edible, Enjoy, Expense
F)Favorite, Flavor, Food
G)Good, Goodies, Gorge, Gourmet, Gum
H)Handing out, Hard candy, Healthy, Hungry
I)Iconic, Ies, Indulge, Items
J)Jolly Ranchers
K)Kisses, Kit Kat
L)Laffy Taffy, Life Savers, Lollipop, Lower calorie
M)M&Ms, Malted Milk Balls, Melt, Milk chocolate, Milky Way, Miniatures, Mounds, Munch
N)Needs, Nerds, Nestle Crunch
O)One hundred Grand Bar, Oreos
P)Perishable, Pixy Stix, Popularity, Price
S)Savor, Selection, Shop, Shoppe, Skittles, Snack, Snickers, Soft, Sour Patch Kids, Spicy, Starburst, Store, Suckers, Sugary, Swedish Fish, Sweet, Sweet Tarts
T)Taste, Three Musketeers, Tootsie Pops, Tootsie Rolls, Treat, Twix, Twizzlers
W)Want, Whoppers
Y)York patty, Yummy
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Chocolate Lesson Plan:
1. Recent studies suggest chocolate is an antioxidant. Explain what it may prevent. List some of the scientific reasons for its benefits.
2. Why does chocolate make people happy? Discuss the effects of serotonin.
3. Discuss why men and women generally like a gift of chocolate. Would YOU prefer flowers or chocolate? Why?
4. Discuss the transition from ma-and-pa shops to large conglomerates.
5. Name at least ten different chocolates/chocolate candy bars that you know. offers 735 word lists. To see more Halloween Sweets or Food vocabulary lists, please go to the home page for interactive word games, word puzzles and themed content that align with Common Core Standards. 2500 pages of free content are available only online without registration, ads or fees.