Gymnastics Vocabulary Word List (150)

A)Acts, Aerial, Age, Aggressive, Agility, All-around, Alternate, Apparatus, Applause, Appreciation, Arabesque, Arms, Artistic, Athletic, Attendance, Attire
B)Back flip, Backward, Balance, Bars, Beam, Bib, Bonus, Bounds, Boys
C)Cartwheel, Catch, Caution, Chairmen, Chalk, Challenge, Cheering, Coach, Code of points, College, Combinations, Compete, Competition
D)Dance, Darling, Deduction, Discipline, Display
E)Elements, Event, Exercise, Expectations, Extension
F)Fast, Federation Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG), Feet, Flexibility, Flip, Floor mats, Forward, Fun
G)Games, Girls, Glove, Grip, Gymnasium, Gymnasts
H)Hands, Handstand, High school, Hit, Hoop, Horizontal bar, Hours
I)Individual, Injury, Intense, Interest, International, Involvement
J)Judge, Jumping, Junior
K)Kip, Known
L)Launch, Layout, Leap, Leotards, Lose, Loss
M)Maneuver, Medal, Meet, Men, Mid-air, Mount, Move, Music, Musical
N)National, Numbers
P)Parents, Participants, Participation, Partner, Pass, Passion, Performance, Pirouette, Pommel horse, Position, Power, Practice, Protest, Public, Pyramid
Q)Qualify, Quality, Quick
R)Rebound, Regional, Release, Requirements, Rhythm, Ribbon, Routine
S)Salto, Scores, Senior, Skill, Specialist, Sport, Standards, Still rings, Strength, Supple
T)Team, Techniques, Throw, Tumbling, Turn
U)Uneven bar, Unfair
V)Vault, Video
W)Warm up, Win, Women, Wrist
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