Groundhogs Day Vocabulary Word List (123)

A)Accuracy, Air, Atmosphere
B)Barometer, Broadcast
C)Celsius, Centigrade, Chill, Circulation, Climate, Climb out, Cloudy, Cold front, Color, Condensation, Conditions, Conversion, Cumulus, Cyclical
D)Degrees, Density, Detection, Dew, Direction, Disruption, Drizzle
E)Environment, Erupt, Extreme
F)Fahrenheit, Flurries, Fog, Forecast, Freezing, Front, Frost
G)Gauge, Ground, Ground hog, Gusty
H)Hail, Harbinger, Heat, Hibernal, Humidity
I)Impact, Influence, Instruction, Instruments, Inversion, Isobar, Isotherm
J)January, Jet stream, Judgment
L)Latitude, Lightening, Liquid, Longitude, Look out
M)Measurement, Melt, Mercury, Meteorologist, Meteorology, Mist, Moisture
N)Natural, Nature, Normal
O)Observation, Occluded front, Occlusion, Ozone
P)Particles, Phil, Precipitation, Prediction, Pressure, Prevailing, Prognosticate
Q)Quest, Quickly, Quiet
R)Radar, Rain, Rainbow, Rainfall, Reflection, Regional
S)Saturation, Scale, Scientific, Scientist, Seasonal, Sentinel, Severe, Shadow, Sleet, Snow, Snow flake, Squall, Storm
T)Temperatures, Thaw, Thermometer, Thunderstorms
V)Vapor, Veer, Velocity, Vernal
W)Warm, Watch, Water, Weather, Weather system, Whirlwind, Wind, Winter
Z)Zephyr, Zone
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Ground Hog Day Lesson Plan and Discussion ideas :
1. Explain why people think that Groundhog Day forecasts weather for six weeks.
2. From what two countries was the custom brought to America?
3. A ground hog is another name for what animal?
4. On what day and month of the year does Groundhog Day occur?
5. Write a short paragraph about this legend.
6. Is there scientific evidence that proves that the ground hog indicates weather patterns? offers more than 672 word lists To see another Groundhog's Day theme and word list, please go to the home page for word games, theme content, interactive worksheets and word puzzles. Resources align with Common Core Standards. 2500 pages of free content are available only online. There are no fees, no ads and no registration.