Green Conservation Vocabulary Word List (406)

A)Absorption, Access, Adaptation, Admire, Advocate, Alternatives, Announcement, Anticipation, Anxiety, Appliance, Appreciation, Aquatic, Atmosphere, Attraction, Audience, Awesome
B)Backlash, Balance, Benefit, Biodegradable, Biodiversity, Biota, Boost, Building, Buzz
C)Calamity, Canvas, Capacity, Celebration, Celestial, Certify, Change, Clean, Clean-up, Climate, Coastal, Collection, Combustible, Commitment, Communication, Community, Compliance, Composting, Concept, Conference, Confidence, Conservation, Conserve, Conserve, Construct, Consumption, Contribution, Convenience, Conviction, Cooling, Costs, Creation, Crucial, Culture, Curb, Current
D)Damage, Deft, Deposits, Design, Detection, Devastation, Development, Difference, Direction, Discovery, Disposable, Diversity, Documentary, Domination, Dramatize, Drastic, Dynamic
E)Earth, Eco-friendly, Ecological, Ecology, Ecosystem, Effective, Efficiency, Elation, Electrifying, Elimination, Emissions, Emotion(al), Energy, Energy efficient, Energy star, Enthusiasm, Enviro-home, Environment, Environs, Envision, EPA, Eradicate, Euphoria, Evaluate, Evergreen, Evidence, Evolution, Exchange, Exclusive, Expanse, Experience, Exploration, Extreme
F)Fauna, FCS (Forest Stewardship Council), Feature, Fertile, Fibrous, Fields, Filter, Fisheries, Flora, Flourish, Fluorescent light bulb, Foam, Food chain, Forecast, Forestry, Fossil fuels
G)Gallons, Galvanize, Geothermal heat, Glass, Global, Global warming, Goal, Granite, Grasslands, Gray water, Green, Greenhouse, Groundwater, Guard, Guideline
H)Habitat, Harbor, Harvest, Healthy, Heating, Heliotrope, Hemp, High-efficiency, Humanity, Humidity, Hygiene
I)Impact, Improvements, Incorporate, Indigenous, Influence, Inhabit, Inhabitant, Initiative, Innovative, Inquiry, Insight, Inspiration, Insulation, Intense, Interference, Investigation, Irrigation
J)Journalists, Judgment
L)Land form, Land trust, Landmark, Landscape, Layer, Leakage, Lifestyle, Light, Limits, Low-flow shower, Low-flow toilet
M)Maintenance, Management, Marine, Maritime, Marsh, Materials, Maximization, Meadow, Measurement, Metamorphosis, Minimize, Moratorium, Motion, Mountains, Movement, Mulch
N)Nascent, National, Native, Native plants, Natural, Nature, Nouveau, Nutrients
O)Objective, Observations, Official, Orientation, Original, Outdoors, Ozone
P)Panel, Parkland, Passionate, Peninsula, Performance, Peril, Perpetual, Perspective, Planet, Planting, Plants, Plastic, Plumbing, Popular, Popularity, Powerful, Precipitation, Preservation, Pressure, Prevention, Pride, Primeval, Pristine, Prize, Problems, Proclaim, Prognosis, Program, Progress, Projection, Protection, Protest, Public, Pure
Q)Quality, Quest, Questions, Quiet
R)Rainwater, Reclamation, Recognition, Record, Rectify, Recycle, Recycled tire rubber, Reduction, Reflect, Refuge, Rehabilitation, Reliance, Remains, Renewable, Rescue, Research, Reserves, Reservoir, Resilience, Resistance, Resolve, Resource, Respect, Restoration, Reusable, Revitalize, Revival, Revolutionary, Rights, Role
S)Safeguard, Safety, Salute, Salvage, Sanitation, Save, Scientist, Sea, Sea floor, Sealing, Sediment, Sentiment, Shade, Shade trees, Shelter, Shortages, Skepticism, Slide, Soil-covered roof, Solar, Solar panels, Solar power, Soluble, Sonar, Spatial, Species, Speculation, Speech, Spiel, Splendid, Sponges, Spotlight, Spray foam, Standards, Staples, Staunch, Stewardship, Structure, Success, Sun, Sunlight, Supplies, Support, Surface, Survival, Survive, Sustainable, Sustainable, Symbiosis, Symptoms, Synergy
T)Tactic, Task, Technique, Technology, Temperature, Terrain, Terrestrial, Thrive, Tidal pool, Tides, Timber, Toil, Tolerance, Topography, Transformation, Treatment, Trex materials, Tributary, Tribute, Triumph, Tropical, Trumpet
U)Ultimate, Underwater, Undeveloped, Unique, Universal, Upgrade, Uplifting, Useful, Utilitarian
V)Valley, Vapor, Variety, Vegetation, Ventilation, Venue, Versatile, Vested interest, Vigilance, Violation, Visible, Vision, Vista, Volatile, Volt, Volunteers, Vulnerable
W)Waste, Water, Water saving, Waterfall, Watershed, Waterway, Weather, Wells, Wetlands, Wilderness, Wildlife, Wind, Wind power, Winner, Wood, World, World wide, World-class
Z)Zealous, Zero-tolerance, Zone
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A few ways citizens can protect the environment:

1. Take short showers
2. Keep the thermostat turned down
3. Walk whenever possible
4. Use cloth napkins rather than paper
5. Choose a car that limits gas consumption
6. Eat pasta or rice, not meat, more often
7. Recycle
8. Make a compost pile
9. Store food in containers, not plastic
10. Turn off lights and computers
11. Wash clothes in cold water, using full loads
12. Use the dryer sparingly and clean out the filter. Hang up damp clothes offers more than 650 word lists, interactive puzzles, printable word games, themed content and worksheets. To see Conservation, Oceans, Recycling, Science, Earth Day word lists, please go to the home page. 2500 pages of free content that align with Common Core Standards are available only online. There are no fees.
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