Grammar and grammatical terms Vocabulary Word List (130)

A)Abbreviation, Abstract, Accent, Acronym, Action verbs, Active voice, Adjective, Adverb, Affix, Alliteration, Anagram, Analogies, Antecedent, Antonym, Apostrophe, Apposition, Article, Auxiliary verb
C)Case, Chart, Clarity, Clause, Cliche, Collective noun, Colloquialism, Colon, Comma, Comparative, Compare and contrast, Complement, Compound words, Conjunction, Connotation, Consonant, Contraction
D)Dash, Declarative sentence, Definite article, Derivation, Determiners, Diagramming, Dialect, Direct object, Double negative
E)Editing, Emphatic pronoun, Euphemism, Exclamation
F)Feminine, Figurative language, Future
G)Gender, Gerund, Grammar
H)Helping verbs, Homograph, Homonym, Hyperbole, Hyphen
I)Idiom, Imperative, Indefinite article, Indirect object, Infinitive, Interjection, Interrogative
M)Meaning, Metaphor, Modifier, Modifier, Mood
N)Negative, Neologism, Noun, Number
P)Paradox, Paragraph, Parenthesis, Participle, Parts of speech, Passive voice, Past, Personal pronoun, Phrase, Plurals, Possessives, Predicate, Prefix, Prepositions, Present, Pronoun, Pronunciation, Proper prose, Punctuation
Q)Question mark, Quotation
R)Reflexive pronoun, Regular verb, Revision, Rhyming, Root words, Rules, Run-on sentence
S)Satire, Semicolon, Sentence, Sentence, Simile, Singular, Slang, Spelling, Style, Subject, Subordinate clause, Suffix, Superlative, Supplement, Syllables, Symbol, Synonym
T)Tense, Transitive verb
V)Verb, Vocabulary, Voice, Vowel
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