Golf Vocabulary Word List (341)

A)Accolade, Ace, Amateur, Applause, Approach, Architect, Aspect, Association, Assurance, Attraction, Average, Avoid, Awesome
B)Back nine, Back swing, Backspin, Balance, Ball marker, Best ball, Bet, Bingo-bango-bungo, Birdie, Bleachers, Blind, Bogie, Budget, Bunker
C)Caddy, Cap, Card, Career, Cart, Celebrity, Challenge, Champ, Charge, Cheer, Chip shot, Cinch, Club, Club face, Club-head, Clubhouse, Colleague, Commitment, Competition, Competitor, Compulsion, Confidence, Configuration, Connection, Consistent, Consume, Contour, Control, Conventional, Cost, Country club, Course, Credit, Crowd, Cut
D)Degree, Design, Determination, Difficulty, Discouragement, Distance, Diverse, Diversion, Divot, Dogleg, Double bogey, Downswing, Drive, Driver, Driving range, Drop, Duffer
E)Eagle, Eighteen holes, Elevation, Elite, Embedded, Ensure, Entertainment, Examine, Expanse, Expensive, Experience
F)Factor, Fairway, Feature, Fees, Finish, Flag, Flight, Flub, Follow-through, Fore, Foursome, Front nine, Frustration, Fun, Furrow
G)Gadget, Gallery, Game, Gear, Generate, Gimme, Gizmo, Glove, Goal, Golf bag, Golf cap, Golf cart, Golf shirt, Golf widow, Grand Slam, Graphite (shaft), Green, Greens, Greens fees, Greens keeper, Grip, Grit, Grooves, Growth, Guest
H)Hack, Hacker, Handicap, Hat, Hazard, Heartbreak, Hole-in-one, Hollow back, Hook, Hose, Hustler, Hybrid
I)Impact, Implication, Implicit, Inclement, Incline, Initiative, Insignia, Instruction, Insurance, Intensity, Interference, Intimidating, Irons
J)Jaunty, Joy, Judgment
L)Lay out, Leader board, Leisure, Length, Lesson, Lie, Limbs, Links, Locale, Loft, Low gross, Low lying, Low net, Luxury
M)Magic, Manicured lawn, Market, Masters, Match play, Membership, Memorable moment, Memorize, Men, Moisture, Mulligan
N)Nassau, Natural, Nineteenth hole, Nontransferable, Novice, Numerous
O)Observant, Obstacle, Odyssey, Official, One-stroke, Opportunity, Option, Out-of-bounds, Overshoot
P)Par, Par-three, Pass-through, Passion, Peak, Penalty, Performance, Pin, Pitch, Placement, Player, Playoff, Position, Possibility, Posture, Practice, Precision, Pressure, Pro tour, Professional, Proper, Public course, Pull cart, Putt, Putter
Q)Quality, Quest, Quiet
R)Rain delay, Rain out, Rake, Range, Rank, Rating, Recognition, Regional, Regulation, Relaxation, Replicate, Reputation, Respect, Restriction, Resume, Rim, Rivalry, Roll, Roster, Rotation, Rough, Round, Ruff
S)Sand trap, Sand wedge, Score, Scorecard, Seven-iron, Shaft, Shag, Shank, Short course, Shot, Shotgun start, Sideways, Sight, Signature, Single, Sink, Slacks, Slice, Slope, Snowman, Sod, Spectators, Squeeze, Stance, Standard, Stimpmeter, Strain, Stroke, Stroll, Stymie, Subsoil, Success, Survival, Sweet spot, Swing, Swipe, System
T)Talent, Tap-in, Tee, Tense, Terminology, Terrain, Thirteenth hole, Threesome, Title, Topspin, Tour, Trail, Trajectory, Trap, Triple bogey, Trophy, Twosome
U)Umbrella, Unique, Unlikely, Unplayable, Unpredictable, Uphill, Urge, US Golf Association
V)Variety, Vary, Venue, Vibe, Victory
W)Warning, Water hazard, Waterproof, Weather, Wedge, Weekends, Whack, Whirlpool, Wiff, Win, Wind breaker, Women, Wood, Woods, Wrist
Y)Yardage, Year-round, Yell, Yield, Youth
Z)Zeal, Zone
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