Global Warming Vocabulary Word List (222)

A)Acceptance, Acknowledge, Act, Administer, Administration, Advantage, Affect, Agencies, Aggressive, Analysis, Approach, Arctic, Argument, Astound, Attention, Attraction
B)Battle, Biology, Bleak
C)Care, Cautious, Change, Claim, Climate, Coast, Comment, Commentary, Concept, Conditions, Consequences, Conservation, Conservative, Conserve, Continent, Costs, Creatures, Crime, Crisis
D)Data, Deadline, Debate, Defend, Defense, Denial, Detect, Detection, Devastating, Development, Diligence, Dire, Discover, Discovery, Discussion, Disruptions, Documentation, Doom, Dramatic, Drilling
E)Effect, Encounter, Endangered, Energy, Engage, Environmentalist, Evaluate, Evidence, Exploit, Exploitation, Extinction
F)Factual, Feature, Flooding, Focus, Foliage, Food, Foresight, Formal, Frontier, Frozen, Future
G)Gas, Generation, Ghastly, Global, Government, Ground, Guarantee
H)Habitat, Hapless, Happen, Help, Heritage, Human
I)Ice, Illustration, Incentive, Industry, Influence, Influence, Inspect, Interior, International, Investigation, Irresponsible, Island
L)Languishing, Lead, Leases, Legislation, Local
M)Management, Mankind, Measure, Media, Melting, Misconception, Mission, Moderation, Monitor, Motive
N)National, Now, Nuclear
O)Occurrence, Oceans, Oil, Oil wells, Ongoing, Opinion, Outcry, Oversee
P)Percentage, Permafrost, Petition, Phase, Phenomenon, Photograph, Pipelines, Plants, Plight, Ponder, Population, Possible, Power, Power plant, Precaution, Preserve, Pristine, Procedures, Proceed, Prohibit, Proposals, Protection, Prudence, Public
Q)Quality, Quantity, Query, Quest, Quintessential
R)Range, Rational, Recede, Record remarkable, Reduce, Reduction, Refuge, Region, Remedy, Remote, Replacement, Research, Resource, Respect, Results
S)Save, Scientist, Shift, Show, Significant, Signs, Skeptic, Soil, Solution, Starvation, Statistics, Steadfast, Studies, Submit, Supply, Surface, Surprise, Surroundings, Survey
T)Temperatures, Threatened, Time, Tolerate, Traditional, Treatment, Treaty
U)Ulterior, Unique
V)Value, Vanishing, Violation
W)Warming, Warning, Wary, Watch, Waterway, Wealth, Wildlife, Winter, World, Worldwide
Y)Yore, Youth
Z)Zero, Zone
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