Geriatric Care Vocabulary Word List (196)

A)Abilities, Accident, Active, Activity, Adjust, Adult, Affect, Affordable, Affordable, Agency, Aging, Alzheimer, Ambulance, Anger, Animals, Appointments, Assistant, Associate degree, Attorney, Aunt, Available, Awareness
B)Bathing, Board Certified, Body, Bone density, Brother, Budget
C)Capability, Caring, Certification, Change, Circumstances, Cognition, Community, Community, Companionship, Confusion, Congregate, Consideration, Consultation, Contact, Continuing care, Conversation, Costs
D)Day care, Decision, Dedication, Dependence, Disability, Disappointment, Disease, Distances, Distraction, Doctors, Dressing, Driving
E)Eating, Effect, Effective, Elderly, Emergency, Ensure, Environment, Equipment, Estate, Expense
F)Facility, Fall, Family, Father, Fear, Frustration, Function
G)Games, Gerontology, Grandchildren
H)Health worker, Healthy, Hearing, Help, Hip, Home, Home bound, Hospice, Hospitalization, Hospitalization, Housekeeping, Housing
I)Independence, Individuals, Infirm, Inheritance, Injury, Insurance, Interests, Issues
L)Life line, Lifestyle, Limitation, Living conditions, Location, Long term insurance
M)Maintenance, Manage, Manager, Meals, Medical care, Medications, Monitoring, Mother
N)NAPGC (National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Management), Neighbors, Nurses, Nursing home, Nutrition
O)Occupational therapy, Operation, Opportunity, Option, Ownership
P)Paid, Pain, Parent, Parkinson, Patient, Person, Pets, Pharmacy, Phone, Physical therapy, Physician, Planning, Population, Price, Primary care, Professional, Program, Property, Protection, Provision, Puzzles
Q)Query, Questions, Quiet
R)Referrals, Registration, Rehabilitation, Rental, Residence, Resources, Respite, Retirement, Role, Round-the-clock
S)S joy, Safety, Scooter, Security, Senior, Services, Side effects, Sister, Skills, Social network, Social worker, Sorrow, Special needs, State-regulated, Stress, Subsidies, Supervision, Support, Survivor
T)Teach, Telephone, Therapist, Therapy, Training, Transit, Transition, Transportation, Treatment, Trust
U)Uncle, Understanding
V)Vision, Visit, Volunteer
W)Walking, Wellness, Will, Worry
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