Geometry Vocabulary Word List (272)

A)Acute, Adjacent, Advanced, Algebra, Alternate, Altitude, Analysis, Analyze, Angle, Apex, Application, Apply, Approximate, Arc, Architecture, Area, Assumption, Axiom, Axis
B)Base, Basis, Bi-linear, Binomial, Bisect, Boundary, Box, Branch
C)Calculate, Capacity, Cartesian, Center, Change, Circle, Closed figure, Coefficient, Common, Compass, Complementary, Composite, Compute, Concentric, Conclude, Conclusion, Conclusion, Cone, Congruence, Connect, Construct, Convex, Coordinate, Correct, Corresponding, Crescent, Cross, Cube, Curve, Cylinder
D)Data, Decagon, Define, Definition, Degrees, Depth, Design, Diagram, Diameter, Difference, Dimension, Direction, Distance, Distinct, Distributive, Drawing, Duplicate
E)Edge, Einstein, Element, Elementary, Ellipse, Elongated, Endpoint, Engineering, Equal, Equate, Equation, Equilateral, Euclid, Evaluate, Extended
F)Face, Factor, Facts, Fibonacci, Figure, Fixed point, Flat, Force, Form, Formula, Frustrum, Function
G)Geometric, Geometry, Given, Gradient, Graphically, Greater than
H)Height, Helix, Hemisphere, Heptagon, Hexagon, Hexagram, Horizontal, Hyperbola, Hypotenuse, Hypothesis
I)If, Image, In common, Incorrect, Integer, Interior, Interpret, Intersect, Investigate, Irregular, Isometry, Isosceles
J)Join, Justify
L)Lateral, Length, Less than, Lines, Locus, Logic, Logical
M)Mass, Match, Mathematics, Measure, Measurement, Median, Multi-sided, Multiply
N)Navigation, Number, Numerical
O)Oblique, Observation, Obtuse, Octagon, Octahedron, Opposite, Order, Origin, Oval
P)Pair, Parabola, Parallel, Parallelogram, Parts, Pattern, Pentagon, Perpendicular, Pi, Plane, Plato, Plot, Points, Polygon, Position, Postulate, Practical, Practical, Precision, Prism, Probability, Proof, Property, Proportion, Pyramid, Pythagorean
Q)Quadrant, Quadrilateral, Quantity, Query, Quest, Question, Quotient
R)Radii, Radius, Ray, Reason, Reasoning, Rectangle, Reflection, Relationship, Represent, Respectively, Rhomboid, Rhombus, Right, Right angle, Rotation, Ruler, Rules
S)Scale, Scalene, Section, Sector, Segment, Semicircle, Sequence, Set, Shape, Side, Similar, Simplicity, Simulation, Sine, Size, Skew, Solid, Solution, Solve, Space, Sphere, Spiral, Square, State, Step-by-step, Straight, Straightedge, Study, Sum, Supplementary, Suppose, Surface, Survey, Symmetry
T)Table, Tangent, Ten-sided, Tetrahedron, Theorem, Theory, Thickness, Three-dimensional, Three-sided, Trapezoid, Triangle, Trisecting, True, Truncated, Turn
U)Understand, Unit, Use
V)Variation, Vector, Vertex, Vertical, Visualize, Volume
W)Width, Wrong
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Geometry and Math Lesson Plans and discussion ideas:
1. Name several professions where geometry helps people everyday. Give examples of the kinds of work that is necessary.
2. Discuss the history of geometry. Include the Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks up until present-day mathematicians.
3. List, draw and label at least twenty geometric figures. offers more than 630 word lists. To see more vocabulary about Math word lists, please go to the home page to use word games, themed content, math-related puzzles and interactive activities that align to Common Core State Standards. 2500 pages of free content at are available only online. There are no fees.