Food and Beverage Vocabulary Word List (457)

A)A la carte, Accessible, Accompaniment, Acerbic, Acidulated, Acrid, Addictive, Additives, Adjustment, Aficionado, Alcoholic, Aliment, All natural, Allergy, Alternative, Ambiance, Ample, Anchovies, Appeal, Appetite, Appliance, Aroma, Arrangement, Artisan, Artistic, Arugula, Assortment, Atmosphere, Attractive, Availability
B)Balance, Balsamic, Barbecue, Basics, Baste, Batter, Beans, Beets, Beverage, Bitterness, Blend, Bonbon, Bountiful, Bouquet, Braise, Brazier, Brew, Buffet
C)Cabbage, Calorie, Carbohydrate, Carcinogen, Carnivore, Casserole, Cast iron, Caterer, Celery, Chef, Chewy, Chicken, Chicory, Chipotle, Chips, Chocolate, Chocolatier, Choice, Cholesterol, Chop, Chow, Churn, Chutney, Classic, Clean, Cleaver, Cocoa, Coffee, Color, Combination, Comestible, Comfort food, Complementary, Complimentary, Compote, Compromise, Condiment, Confection, Confection, Confectionary, Connoisseur, Consistency, Consume, Consumer, Content, Convenience, Cooked, Cooking, Crackers, Creative, Cress, Crop, Crop failure, Croutons, Crunchy, Cucumbers, Cuisine, Culinary, Cultural, Curd, Curdle, Curiosity, Customs, Cutlery, Cutting board
D)Dairy, De-vein, Decanter, Degrees, Delectable, Delicious, Desiccate, Dessert, Devour, Diary, Diet, Dietary, Digestible, Discoloration, Distillery, Dominate, Douse, Drizzle
E)Eatery, Economical, Edible, Effervescent, Eggs, Elasticity, Elixir, Endive, Energy, Enjoyment, Enthusiast, Entree, Environment-friendly, Enzyme, Exceptional, Expand, Experiment, Expresso
F)Famine, Fare, Farm-fresh, Farmer, Fast food, Favorites, Feast, Filtered, Fish, Fizz, Flagon, Flake, Flapjack, Flavorful, Flavoring, Fluffy, Focus, Fodder, Folate, Fortifying, Fowl, Fragrant, Fresh, Frozen, Fruit, Fusion
G)Gadget, Garden fresh, Garnish, Gastric, Gastro-tourism, Gastronomy, Gelato, Gizmo, Gluten, Goblet, Gorge, Gourmet, Grains, Granulate, Grate, Greens, Grill, Guest, Guide
H)Habits, Haggis, Ham, Harvest, Haute cuisine, Healthy, Hearty, Heat, High-quality, Home economics, Homemade, Hunger
I)Identification, Imbibe, Impact, Importance, Imported, Improvement, Incorporate, Indigestion, Industry, Inexpensive, Influenced, Ingredient, Innovative, Insatiable, Interchangeable, Irresistible
J)Jigger, Juicy, Julienne, Junk food
K)Keen, Kitchen, Kosher
L)Ladle, Larder, Lavish, Leavening, Leftover, Legendary, Legume, Lettuce, Life style, Liquor, Local, Low fat
M)Mandolin, Marinade, Marinate, Market, Meal, Meat, Medicinal, Memorable, Menu, Meringue, Microwave, Milk, Mince, Mincemeat, Mixture, Mouthwatering, Munch, Mustard
N)Natural, Needs, Neutralize, Nibble, Nonstick, Nourish, Nourishment, Nutriment, Nutrition, Nuts
O)Odor, Odoriferous, Onions, Option, Organic, Overcook, Overshadow
P)Packaging, Palate, Panache, Pantry, Parfait, Pasta, Pasteurize, Pastry, Pectin, Peeler, Pepper, Peppery, Percolate, Pilsner, Placebo, Platter, Pop. popularity, Portion, Potable, Potion, Preference, Premium, Preparation, Presentation, Preservative, Prime, Process, Processed, Produce, Production, Provision, Purveyor, Putrid
Q)Quality, Quantity, Quart, Quiche, Quick, Quinoa
R)Radish, Ramekin, Rating, Ravenous, Raw, Reaction, Recipe, Recommendation, Refined, Refreshing, Regimen, Regulatory, Reheat, Reliability, Religion, Relish, Research, Reservation, Restaurant, Restaurateur, Rich, Ripe, Roasted
S)Salivate, Salsa, Salty, Salver, Sample, Satiated, Satisfied, Saturate, Sauce, Saute, Savory, Scour, Scrumptious, Seafood, Seasonal, Seasoning, Selection, Senses, Serrated, Service, Shortage, Shortening, Sieve, Silicone spatula, Simmer, Skewer, Skillet, Slice, Slow-roast, Slurp, Smoky, Snacks, Soft drink, Sommelier, Sophistication, Soul satisfying, Sour, Sous-chef, Spatula, Special, Specialty, Spice, Spinach, Sprinkle, Stale, Starvation, Statin, Steam, Sticky, Storage, Store-bought, Strong, Substitute, Succulent, Supermarket, Supplements, Supplies, Supply, Sustenance, Sweet
T)Tangy, Tapas, Tart, Taste, Taste buds, Tasteless, Tasty, Tea, Temperature, Texture, Thermometer, Thermos, Thickener, Timer, Tomato, Tongs, Toppings, Toss, Tour de force, Toxic, Traditional, Trend, Trifle, Trivet, Truffle, Truss
U)Undercook, Ungreased, Uniformity, Unique, Unmold, Upgrade, Upscale, Utensil
V)Value, Variation, Variety, Vascular, Vegetable, Venue, Viand, Victuals, Vinegar, Vintner, Vitamins
W)Wafer, Wassail, Wedge, Weight, Whisk, Wine
Y)Yogurt, Yummy
Z)Zanthrophylls, Zest, Zester, Zip, Zucchini
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Food, Beverage and Taste Word lists: (adjectives)
appealing, appetizing, aroma, artistic, biting, bitter, bold, cold, cool, delicious, disgusting, fancy, fizzy, flavorful, fruity, fuzzy, gooey, hot, insipid, mmm, palatable, piquant, pungent, rotten, sapid, savory, scrumptious, sour, sparkling, spicy, sticky, sweet, tangy, tart, tasteless, tasty, warm, yummy

herb and spices word list
allspice, angelica, anise, basil, bay leaves, borage, catnip, chervil, cilantro, cumin, curry, cayenne, dill, fennel, garlic, ginger, jasmine, lovage,marjoram, mustard, parsley, paprika, pepper, mint, nutmeg, oregano, rosemary, sage, saffron, sorrel, sumac, tansy, thyme etc.

Food facts!
1. Pizza originated in Italy. The word means pie in Italian.

2.Hamburger got its name from Hamburg, Germany. It's original name was Hamburg steak.

3. Pancakes are an international food and come in many variations. Similar to the American pancakes are French crepes, Russian blini, Italian cannelloni and Mexican tortillas.

4. Sandwiches were named after the Earl of Sandwich, a British man of noble birth, in the eighteenth century.

5. Pretzels have an intriguing history. Have you noticed their shape? Monks made them in southern Europe to reward children and students who had learned to pray. Many people believe that the crossed ends indicated hands that are clasped in a symbol of prayer.

6. Frankfurters were first made in a German town by the same name. An American began selling them in the twentieth century. One tale contends that when he sold them, he called them "hot dachshund sausages" because they were long and narrow like the dog. Sometime later, the term was shortened to hot dog. offers more than 725 word lists. To see food and nutrition vocabulary lists, please go to the home page for Chocolate, Exercise, Fitness, Nutrition and Tea word lists. 2500 pages of free content are available only online and without fees. Resources align with Common Core Standards.