Folklore Vocabulary Word List (379)

A)Accident, Account, Adventure, Adventurer, Ages, Alone, Angels, Appealing, Artistic, Aspiration, Associate, Attitudes, Augury, Authority, Awareness
B)Banshee, Barrier, Baskets, Beauty, Behavior, Beliefs, Betrayal, Beyond, Blessing, Bliss, Blood, Bode, Books, Bracelets, Brawl, Bright, Bucolic
C)Camelot, Camps, Candles, Caravan, Carefree, Caretaker, Carnival, Carriage, Caution, Celebrations, Challenges, Chance, Character, Characteristic, Characters, Charisma, Charm, Charmed, Circus, Cities, Coaxing, Cobbler, Color, Colorful, Complex, Compulsion, Congregate, Connection, Consequences, Cosmic, Cottage, Country, Countryside, Creativity, Cult, Culture, Curse
D)Dance, Dangerous, Death, Deceit, Deception, Decoration, Defiance, Demon, Descent, Devil, Devotion, Different, Discover, Discovery, Distinctive, Divine, Dream, Dreaming, Driving, Duels, Duty, Dwelling
E)Egypt, Elders, Elders, Elf, Embellishment, Emotion, Emotional, Encampment, Enchantment, Energy, Enigma, Enslaved, Envy, Epic, Epoch, Era, Erstwhile, Ethics, Ethnic, Events, Evil, Exaggeration, Excitement, Experience
F)Fable, Fairy, False, Fame, Fanciful, Fantasy, Fate, Fay, Fealty, Fear, Feelings, Fertility, Fervor, Festival, Festive, Fiddle, Fields, Figure, Flog, Flowers, Folk, Folklorist, Forbidden, Forest, Foretell, Foretell, Fortune, Furor
G)Gather, Generations, Geography, Giant, Glen, Goals, Goblin, Gods, Goodness, Grace, Greed, Greeting, Gremlin, Groups, Guilt, Guitar, Gypsies
H)Hallucinate, Happy, Harbinger, Harbor, Hardship, Harmonious, Harp, Hearth, Heaven, Heaven on Earth, Heritage, Hermit, Hero, Heroine, Hidden, Hills, History, Hobbit, Holiday, Honesty, Hope, Horror, Horse-and-Buggy, Horses, Hunting
I)Idyll, Imagination, Imaginative, Impossibility, India, Informative, Insular, Intelligence, Interaction, Interest, Interior, Ireland, Irish
J)Jaunt, Joking, Journey, Joy, Justice
K)Keen, Kidnapping, Killing, Kingdom, Kings
L)Laughter, Learning, Legend, Leprechaun, Lessons, Lineage, Listening, Literature, Logical, Longing, Lore, Love
M)Magic, Magical, Maiden, Mastery, Meander, Memories, Mesmerize, Miracle, Mischief, Mood, Moon, Music, Mysterious, Mystical, Myth, Mythology
N)Narrative, Natural, Nature, Normal, Nostalgia
O)Observations, Obsess, Ocean, Odds, Old, Omen, Oracle, Oral, Origin, Ostracize, Overcome
P)Painting, Pattern, Performance, Persecution, Personalities, Pixie, Poetry, Poverty, Power, Practices, Prayer, Pride, Primitive, Princess, Prisoner, Privacy, Prophesy, Protection
Q)Qualm, Quantity, Queen, Query, Quest, Question
R)Rage, Ranching, Realm, Recount, Refuge, Relation, Relationships, Religion, Remembering, Rendition, Reputation, Respect, Revelation, Revere, Ribbons, Riding, Ritual, Romantic, Romany, Roots
S)Sacrifice, Safety, Saga, Sandman, Scourge, Secrets, Serious, Settle, Singing, Smarts, Society, Solstice, Songs, Sorrow, Space, Spell, Spirit, Spirits, Spiritual, Spying, Squalor, Stars, Status, Stereotype, Stories, Storytelling, Subjects, Superstitious, Suspicion, Suspicious, Swarthy, Systems
T)Tale, Telling, Thievery, Time, Tooth fairy, Topics, Trade, Traders, Traditional, Traditions, Train, Travel, Travel, Treasure, Trial, Tribulation, Trickster, Triumph, Troll, Truth
U)Underworld, Unfamiliar, Unique, Unreal, Unscrupulous, Unusual, Utopia
V)Vampire, Vapors, Variety, Village, Vows
W)Wand, Wander, Wealth, Weather, Weave, Weaver, Wind, Wisdom, Wonderland, Woods, World, Worship, Wrongdoings, Wrongs
Y)Yearning, Youth
Z)Zeal, Zone
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