Fitness Vocabulary Word List (232)

A)Ability, Active, Aerobics, Athlete, Athletics, Attempt, Attendance, Averages
B)Balance, Blood pressure, Body, Bones, Boxing, Breath, Breathe
C)Cardiovascular, Champion, Championship, Charisma, Coach, Collapse, Competition, Conditioning, Conference, Contract, Coordination, Courage, Crunches, Cycling
D)Dancing, Diet, Disease, Distraction, Doctor, Drive, Dumbbells
E)Endurance, Energy, Exalt, Exemplary, Exemption, Exercise
F)Fit, Fitness, Flex, Force(s), Framework, Function
G)Games, Goal, Goodwill, Grip, Gymnasium
H)Health, Healthy, Herbs, Hiking, Hone, Hoops, Hygiene, Hygienic
I)Ice-skating, Imagination, Individual, Injury, Interpretations
J)Jargon, Jogging, Joy, Judge, Judo, Jump
K)Kickoff, Kinesiology, Kinetic
L)Leader, League, Legend, Lumbar
M)Magic, Massage, Masseur, Mat, Maximize, Measure, Medication, Memory, Metabolic, Minimize, Moisture, Monitor, Motivate, Motivation, Muscles
N)Nemesis, Nurse, Nutrition
O)Offensive, Official, Opportunity, Opt, Optimism, Option, Outstanding participation
P)Percentage, Performance, Perspiration, Pessimism, Physiotherapy, Pilates, Player(s), Positioning, Possession, Potent, Power, Power-play, Practice, Prevention, Professional, Program, Promising, Protect, Protection, Pulley, Punch bag, Puncture
Q)Quads, Quantity, Quick, Quiver
R)Ranking, Rebound, Recognition, Record, Recovery, Regulations, Rehabilitation, Relax, Representative, Reserve, Resilient, Resistance, Risk, Role, Rowing, Running, Rush
S)Sanitary, Scenario, Scheme, Score(s), Scoreboard, Scoring, Season, Sensible, Shape up, Sit-ups, Size, Skating, Skiing, Skill, Slide, Solo, Speculation, Spirit, Sport(s), Sportsmanship, Squad, Squat, Stability, Stamina, Standing(s), Statistics, Stepper, Strategy, Streak, Strength, Stretching, Stride, Strong, Superstition, Supine, Support, Supremacy, Suspension, Swimming, Symptoms
T)Tackle, Targets, Team, Teammate, Tennis, Testing, Therapeutic, Therapy, Timeout, Timing, Tone, Torso, Tournament, Trainer, Training, Transformation, Treadmill, Tremors, Trot
U)Unbelievable, Unrestricted, Unusual
V)Vaccination, Valiant, Valor, Vault, Vibration, Victory, Vitamins
W)Walking, Warm up, Watchful, Weigh, Weights, Win, Wince, Winning, Wisdom, Work, Workout
Y)Yards, Yoga
Z)Zeal, Zest
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DATES for Fitness content
Mar. 1, National Nutrition Month
Apr. 10, National Women's Nutrition Week
May 1, National Fitness, Physical and Sports Month
Oct. 1, Nutrition: Eat Better, Eat Together Month
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