First Nation Vocabulary Word List (405)

A)Activity, Administer, Adobe, Aid, Alcohol, Alliance, Allure, Ammunition, Ancestors, Ancient, Anhinga, Answer, Arms, Arrest, Arrow, Arrowhead, Art, Artifact, Artisan, Atrocity, Attack
B)Ballgames, Bands, Barrier, Barter, Baskets, Battle, Battleground, Beads, Beadwork, Belief, Bells, BIA, Birch bark, Bitterness, Blood-brother, Blow, Bluff, Bone, Bow, Brave, Bravery, Breastplate, Breech-cloth, Bribe, Buffalo, Buffalo grease, Bureau of Indian affairs, Burial, Butte
C)Calumet, Campaign, Campsite, Canoe, Captive, Capture, Carvings, Casino, Casualty, Cause, Ceremonial, Ceremony, Chief, Choice, Claim, Clamor, Clash, Clinic, Club, Colonists, Colorful, Communal, Communication, Community, Condition, Confederation, Constant, Corn, Counting coup, Courage, Crafts, Crops, Cruel, Crush, Cultural, Culture, Custom
D)Dance, Dart, Dawn, Decoration, Deeds, Deer, Deer toes, Defeat, Dependence, Desperate, Destruction, Determination, Differences, Different, Disease, Disobey, Dispute, Doom, Doubting, Dreams, Drum
E)Eagle, Earth, Economics, Education, Eek, Elders, Embroidery, Encounter, Enemy, Entertain, Escape, Expansion, Expedition, Expire, Exploitation, Exploration, Expression
F)Farming, Father Sun, Fear, Fearless, Feathers, Federal, Fierce fighter, Fishing, Flight, Flute, Footrace, Forage, Fortify, Freedom, Frighten, Frontier, Frustration, Fur, Futile
G)Gallop, Games, Garb, Garment, Gathering, Gods, Gourd, Government, Grease, Ground, Guardian, Guns
H)Hallowed, Hammock, Hand-to-hand, Happy hunting grounds, Harvest, Hatchet, Headdress, Health, Heavens, Heritage, Heroic, Hide, Historical, History, Hogan, Homeland, Honor, Horseflesh, Horsehair, Hostile, Hostilities, Hunter, Hunting, Husk
I)Illness, Incantation, Independence, Indian corn, Inferior, Initiation, Injustice, Insufficient, Interests, Isolation
J)Jewelry, Job, Justice
K)Killing, Kindness, Kinship, Knives
L)Lands, Language, Lean-to, Leasing, Leather, Legacy, Legend, Leggings, Liquor, Livestock, Lodge, Long house, Lure
M)Maize, Massacre, Mayhem, Medicine, Missionary, Moccasin, Mohawk, Mortar, Murder, Mystical, Myth
N)National, Native, Nature, Needs, Negotiation, Noble
O)Opponent, Option, Origins, Ornament, Outpost, Outrage, Outsider
P)Paint, Painting, Pale face, Palisade, Papoose, Peace, Peace Pilgrims, Pipe, Pit, Plentiful, Pony, Potlatch, Pottery, Poverty, Pow-wow, Prayer, Pride, Prophet, Prospect, Protection, Pueblo, Pursue, Pursuit
Q)Quail, Quake, Quality, Quarrel, Quill, Quiver
R)Raid, Rampage, Rattle, Redskin, Reluctant, Remarkable, Remote, Rescue, Reservation, Reserve, Resistance, Resource, Respect, Responsibilities, Retreat, Reverence, Rhythm, Rite, Ritual, Roam, Roots, Royalty
S)Sachem, Sacred, Sacrifice, Safety, Savage, Scalp, Searching, Season, Seize, Settlement, Shaman, Sheath, Shells, Shelter, Shield, Sickness, Silver, Skill, Skunk, Sling, Smoke signal, Snowshoe, Solitude, Spear, Spirit, Spirits, Squaw, Starvation, Storytelling, Strength, Stronghold, Struggle, Subdue, Substandard, Success, Succotash, Sufficient, Superior, Supreme, Surprise, Surrender, Suspicion, Suspicious, Swap, Symbolize
T)Tactic, Target, Tension, Tepee, Terrain, Territorial, Territory, Terror, Terrorize, Threaten, Toboggan, Toil, Tomahawk, Tool, Totem pole, Tourism, Trade, Trading post, Traditional, Traditions, Transformation, Travois, Treachery, Treatment, Tribal, Tribe, Tribute, Troops, Turquoise
U)Unemployment, Unfamiliar, Unique, Unusual, Urgent
V)Values, Variety, Vast, Vegetables, Victor, Victory, Vigil, Village, Villain, Vision
W)Wampum, War, Warpaint, Warpath, Warrior, Wary, Ways, Weapon, Weary, Weather, Weave, Westward, Whites, Whoop, Wicker, Wickiup, Wigwam, Wild, Wilderness, Wildlife, Wily, Winter, Wipe out, Wisdom, Wooden, Woodland, Worthy
Y)Yield, Youth
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