Fire Vocabulary Word List (185)

A)Accident, Action, Adrenaline, Aggressive, Aid, Aircraft, Alarm, Alert, Ambulance, Apprehension, Arson, Ash, Assess, Assist
B)Bad, Barricades, Battle, Blacken, Blame, Blanket, Blast, Blaze, Blister, Blow out, Breeze, Burning, Burns, Bystander
C)Car, Careless, Catastrophe, Caution, Challenge, Char, Chimney, Choice, Claim, Conflagration, Consume, Consumption, Contain, Control, Coordination, Crackle, Crash
D)Damage, Death, Destruction, Detect, Dig, Direction, Dirty, Dispatch, Drama
E)Electrical, Embers, Emergency, EMT, Engulf, Experience, Explode, Extinguish
F)Facts, Failure, Fared, Fascination, Fell, Fierce, Fire-break, Firefighter, Fireplace, Flames, Flammable, Flash, Foam, Focus, Fright, Fuel
H)Halt, Happening, Holocaust, Home, Hose, Hot, Hot spot, House, Hydrant
I)Inaccessible, Inferno, Injury, Insurance, Interfere, Investigation
J)Judgment, Jurisdiction
K)Kindle, Knowledge
L)Laboring, Life-threatening, Lightening strike, Limitations, Lives, Location, Losses, Luck
M)Malfunction, Matches, Mechanical, Medical attention, Memory, Mesmerize, Misery
N)Needs, Nine-one-one, Noise, Nozzle
O)Observe, Odor, Ordeal, Origin
P)Paramedic, Penetration, Place, Police, Potency, Potential, Prevention, Progress, Prone, Pumps
Q)Quench, Quick
R)Reaction, Repellent, Requirement, Residue, Risk
S)Safety, Scenario, Set, Shatter, Shelter, Siren fire truck, Situation, Smell, Smoke, Smoke jumper, Smokey the Bear, Smoldering, Smother, Sprinkler system, Statement, Stop, Strategy, Strength, Stressful, Stretcher, Suffering, Susceptible, Swath
T)Tactic, Target, Terror, Thick, Threaten, Trailer, Training, Trees, Trench
U)Uncontrolled, Urgent
V)Victim, Vigilant, Volunteers
W)Watch, Water, Weakness, Weather, Wilderness, Wind, Worse
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