Fine Arts Vocabulary Word List (417)

A)Ability, Abrasive, Absorbing, Acceleration, Acclaimed, Acoustical, Acquisition, Adaptation, Adept, Aesthetic, Aficionado, Aisle, Amplification, Animation, Anthem, Applause, Appreciation, Aria, Arrangement, Array, Art, Articulation, Artistic, Artlessness, Assemble, Assist, Assistance, Atmosphere, Attempt, Attraction, Audible, Audience, Audition, Aural, Authentic, Avid, Award-winning, Awe
B)Backstage, Balance, Ballad, Ballet, Band, Baroque, Bass, Baton, Beauty, Beholder, Bias, Blissfully, Blues, Bravado, Bravo, Broadcast, Brushwork
C)Cacophony, Cadence, Caliber, Canvas, Capricious, Captivate, Capture, Caution, Celebrity, Ceramics, Charisma, Chimes, Choir, Chorale, Choreography, Chorus, Cinematic, Clamor, Classic, Clef, Coda, Collaboration, Collection, Commanding, Commitment, Communication, Competition, Component, Composition, Concentration, Concert, Concert master, Concerto, Conductor, Conservatory, Contract, Contribution, Coordination, Costume, Crafts, Craftspeople, Creativity, Crescendo, Crowd-pleasing, Culture
D)Dance, Dazzle, Debut, Decor, Dedication, Demonstration, Depth, Design, Device, Diffuse, Digital, Direction, Display, Distraction, Diverse, Diversity, Dramatic, Drive, Dulcimer, Dynamic
E)Element, Eloquence, Emission, Emotion, Encore, Endurance, Energy, Ensemble, Entertainment, Essence, Euphony, Euphoric, Evaluation, Exaggeration, Exalt(ation), Execution, Exemplary, Exposure, Expression, Exquisite, Extraordinary
F)Fašade, Facets, Facilitate, Falter, Fan, Fascination, Finale, Finalist, Flexible, Flourish, Fluid, Fluorescent, Focus, Forte, Framework, Frenzy, Fugue
G)Gauge, Genius, Genuflect, Gesticulate, Gesture, Glare, Glissando, Gloss, Grace
H)Harmony, Hiatus, Highlight, Hoarse, Hone, Humanities, Hype
I)Iconic, Illumination, Illustrious, Image, Imagery, Imagination, Impact, Impression, Impressive, Impromptu, Improvisation, Inclination, Inconsistent, Individual, Industry, Influence, Infusion, Innovative, Insight, Inspirational, Instrument, Instrumental, Intensity, Intent, International, Interpretation, Inventive
J)Jargon, Jazz(y), Jewelry, Judge, Judgment, Juxtaposition
K)Keen, Key, Key-board
L)Legend, Libretto, Lighting, Literary, Lively, Luminous, Lyrical, Lyrics
M)Madrigal, Magic, Major, Manifestation, Masterwork, Matinee, Maximize, Meager, Measure, Medium, Melodious, Melodrama, Memorable, Meters, Minimize, Minor, Mixed media, Modulation, Momentum, Motion, Motivate, Motivation, Muse, Musical
N)Niche, Nimble, Nocturne, Nostalgia, Notation, Nuance
O)Octave, Ode, Offbeat, On stage, Oomph, Opportunity, Opt, Optimal, Oratorio, Orchestra, Original, Ostinato, Outstanding, Ovation, Overture
P)Palette, Participation, Passionate, Perception, Performance, Persistence, Perspiration, Phenomenal, Philharmonic, Photography, Phrasing, Pianist, Piano, Pinnacle, Pitch, Poetry, Polyphony, Popular, Portrayal, Position(ing), Potent, Power, Practice, Prelude, Premiere, Presence, Pressure, Professional, Profuse, Program, Promising, Prosody, Provocative
Q)Quartet, Quest, Quick, Quiet, Quintessential, Quirk
R)Ragtime, Realistic, Recognition, Refine, Rehearsal, Repertoire, Reprise, Reputation, Requiem, Resilient, Resonance, Response, Restraint, Revival, Revving, Rhythm, Role, Rousing
S)Scenery, Scheme, Scherzo, Sculpture, Sets, Sharp, Sheet music, Showcase, Skill, Solemn, Solo, Soloist, Sonata, Songwriter, Sonnet, Soprano, Soulful, Sound source, Spectacular, Spectrum, Speculation, Spin, Spirit, Spontaneity, Spotlight, Staccato, Stage, Stamina, Star, Status, Stereophonic, Strength, Stretch(ing), Strings, Stunning, Style, Subculture, Sublime, Subtle, Suite, Surge, Sway, Symphonic, Synchronize, Syncopation
T)Talent, Tango, Technical, Technique, Texture, Thunderous, Timbre, Timing, Tone, Training, Transform, Transformation, Transmission, Treble, Trill, Troubadour, Troupe, Tunes, Two-step
U)Ultimate, Unbelievable, Unconventional, Undertone, Unique, Unprecedented, Unusual
V)Variation, Variety, Veer, Venue, Version, Vibrant, Vibration, Visibility, Vital, Vocal, Vocalist, Vocalize, Volatile
W)Waltz, Watercolors, Whirl, Whirlwind, Wisdom, Wobble
Y)Yodel, Young, Youthful
Z)Zeal, Zest, Zip
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