Finance Vocabulary Word List (303)

A)Account, Accounting, Accrue, Accumulate, Acquisition, Activity, Adjustable, Adjustment, AMEX, Amortization, Annual, Annuity, Appraisal, Arbitrage, Arrangement, Arrears, Assets, Authentic, Authorization, Automated, Average, Averaging
B)Balance, Balloon payment, Bank, Bankrupt, Barter, Bear, Beneficiary, Bid, Blue chip, Bond, Bracket, Broker, Brokerage, Bull, Buying, Buyout
C)Calculation, Call, Capital gain, Cartel, Cashier, Certificate, Certified, Chart, Churn, Circulation, Clearinghouse, Collateral, Collect, Commission, Commodity, Common stock, Compensation, Competitor, Compound, Conglomerate, Consolidation, Consortium, Consumer, Convertible, Correction, Cost, Counter, Countersign, Credit, Currency, Custodian
D)Deal, Debenture, Debit, Debt, Deductible, Deduction, Default, Delinquency, Demand, Depository, Depreciation, Depression, Deregulation, Designation, Devaluation, Differential, Discount, Discretionary account, Distribution, Diversify, Dividend, Dow Jones Average, Downturn, Draft, Driven, Dump
E)Earn, Economy, Electronic, Elimination, Embezzlement, Endorse, Enterprise, Entity, Equity, Escrow, ESOP (Employees Stock Ownership Plan), Estimation, Evaluation, Exceed, Exchange rate, Exorbitant, Expectation, Extortion
F)Failure, Falling price, Federal, Fees, Fiduciary, Finance, Fiscal, Fixed, Float, Foreclosure, Forfeiture, Frugality, Fulfillment, Fund, Funds, Futures
G)Gain, GDP, Gold, Government, Growth, Guarantee, Guaranty
H)High-interest, Hiring
I)Identification, Illegal, Imprint, Income, Index, Industrial, Inflated price, Insider information, Insolvent, Installment, Institution, Institutional trading, Insufficient, Intangible, Interest, Interest-bearing, Intermediary, Intervention, Invalidate, Investment, IRA, Issue
J)Joint account, Junk bond
K)Keogh plan, Kiting
L)Laundering, LBO (leveraged buyout), Lending rate, Leverage, Liability, Lien, Liquidity, Long-term, Low risk, Lucrative
M)Maintain, Margin, Market, Maturity, Member, Mercantile, Merger, Money, Monopoly, Municipals, Mutual funds
N)Negotiable, Non-speculative, Note, NYSE
O)Obligation, Odd lot, Operation, Option, OTC (over the counter), Overcompensate, Oversight, Ownership
P)Par value, Payment, Peaks, Percent, Planning, Pledge, Points, Portfolio, Practice, Predetermine, Preferred stock, Premium, Prepayment penalty, Principal, Product, Profit, Progressive, Promissory note, Public
Q)Quality, Qualm, Quantity, Questionable, Quick, Quittance, Quote
R)Raid, Rally, Ramification, Rate, Ratio, Recession, Record, Recoup, Recourse, Redemption, Reduction, Regulation, Reimburse, Reliability, Reserves, Retirement, Risk, Rumors
S)Sale, Savings, Securities, Select, Sell-off, Selling, Shares, Short term, Shylock, Slump, Solvency, Speculate, Speculative, Split, Stagflation, Stock split, Stocks, Subscription, Summary, Supply and demand, Surety, Surplus, Survivorship, Swap
T)Takeover, Tax shelter, Tax year, Tax-exempt bond, Taxes, Technical, Tender, Thrifts, Ticker tape, Trade, Transaction, Transfer, Transferable, Treasury bill, Trends
U)Uncollected, Underwriter, Unit, Unofficial, Unregulated, Unsecured, Untaxed, Usury, Utilities
V)Valuable, Value, Variable, Vault, Venture, Void, Voucher
W)Wage, Warrant, Wide-ranging, Withdrawal
Z)Zero-coupon bond
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