Farming and Agriculture Vocabulary Word List (198)

A)Acres, Advances, Affect, Agrarian, Agriculture, Ailment, Animals, Arable, Arid, Attitude
B)Barn, Bison, Brawn, Breed, Bureau, Business
C)Capital, Cattle, Chemicals. chickens, Chores, Climate, Collective, Commercial cotter, Compounds, Conditions, Conservation, Consume, Consumers, Cooperative, Cotton, Cows, Crocodiles, Crops, Cultivation, Culture
D)Dairy, Degree, Demands, Dependence, Development, Disease, Disk, Diversity, Domestication, Drainage, Drought, Ducks. edible
E)Effort, Emus, Environment, Equipment, Erosion, Experiment, Extensive
F)Farm, Farmers, Feed, Fertile, Fertilize, Fiber, Food, Forage, Fruit trees, Fungicide, Fungus, Fur, Furrow
G)Gather, Geese, Genetic modification, Goal, Grange, Graze, Ground, Grower
H)Hard, Harmful, Harness, Harvest, Hectare, Help, Heritage, Holdings, Homestead, Horses, Husbandry, Hybrid
I)Ideal, Impoverished, Improvement, Industry, Insects, Intensive, Irrigation
J)Jaded, Joyous
K)Kibbutz, Knowledge
L)Labor, Laborer, Land, Lease, Livestock, Llamas. loan, Location
M)Machinery, Manage, Manure, Market price, Materials, Migrants, Milk, Mink, Moisture, Money, Mulch
N)Nature, Nitrogen, No-till, Nutrient
O)Orchards, Organic, Organization, Ostriches, Output, Oxen
P)Pastoral, Pesticide, Pests. pineapples, Plantation, Planter, Planting, Plow, Poultry, Produce, Productive, Products, Provisions
Q)Quality, Quantity, Quest, Questions rain
R)Raise, Ranch, Rancher, Reap, Reform, Region, Regional, Resistant, Rotation
S)Sales, Seedlings, Serf, Sharecropper, Sharing, Sheep, Skin, Slash-and-burn, Soil, Sowing, Specialize, Spurt, Squatter, Sterilize, Strength, Stretch, Subsistence, Sugar cane, Sunshine, Supply, Surplus
T)Techniques, Tenant farmer, Terrain, Territory, Theory, Till, Time, Toil, Tract, Tractor, Truck farming, Turkeys
U)Undependable, Uprooting
W)Water, Weather, Whim, Willingness, Wool, Worker
Y)Yeoman, Young, Youth
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Farming and Agriculture Lesson Plans and discussion questions:
1. What factors in nature (weather) affect the growth, shrinkage or decay of crops? Explain their consequences
2. Why would someone choose the life of a farmer/rancher? Tell why you selected your choices.
3. Research information about some of the more well known inventors like John Deere, Cyrus McCormick and brothers John and Hiram Pitts. What were their contributions to farming? Who else has made an impact on farming?
4. Define the word LIVESTOCK. Make a list of animals in this category.
5. Define the words CEREALS/GRAINS. Assemble a list of items in this group.
6. Define the word FORAGE CROPS. Name some of them.
7. What does the term food crops mean? Can you name six of them? What are they? offers more than 635 word lists. Please go to the home page for word games, interactive worksheets, word puzzles and themed content with Latin root words. 2500 pages of free content that align with Common Core Standards are available only online. There are no fees.