Family Vocabulary Word List (312)

A)Abilities, Accommodation, Activity, Adolescence, Adoption, Adult, Advice, Advise, Affection, Affinity, Alimony, Allegiance, Ancestor, Anger, Anniversary, Antagonism, Anxiety, Appreciation, Approval, Ardent, Association, Attentive, Aunt, Authority
B)Bachelor, Banns, Baptism, Bar mitzvah, Bat mitzvah, Betroth, Bloodline, Bonds, Bone fide, Breadwinner, Bride, Brotherly
C)Care, Care-giver, Celibate, Cherish, Child, Childhood, Children, Chores, Civility, Clan, Close-knit, Coaching, Cohort, Comfortable, Commitment, Commonality, Communicative, Community, Compassion, Compatibility, Competitive, Concern, Confidence, Congenial, Conjugal, Connection, Consideration, Constancy, Convivial, Couple, Courteous, Cousin, Custody
D)Daughter, Death, Decency, Defend, Deferential, Dependable, Descent, Determination, Development, Devotion, Differences, Discipline, Distance, Distant, Diverse, Divorce, Dowry, Dynamics
E)Earnest, Elderly, Eligible, Emotional, Empathy, Encouragement, Endearing, Engaged, Esteem, Estrangement, Everlasting
F)Fair, Faithful, Family, Father, Favoritism, Feelings, Fidelity, Flexibility, Folks, Forebear, Forgiveness, Foster child, Foundation, Fraternal, Fraternal, Fretful, Friends, Friendship
G)Genealogy, Generation, Generosity, Genes, Genuine, Geriatric, Gestation, Grandparent, Grateful, Gratitude, Groom, Group, Grownup, Guardian, Guidance
H)Healthy, Heir, Helpmate, Hereditary, Heritage, History, Honesty, Hopeful, Hostility, House guest, Humor, Husband
I)Idealism, Illness, In-law, Indifference, Industrious, Infancy, Inheritance, Inspiration, Instructive, Insulting, Integrity, Intuitive, Isolation
J)Jealousy, Jobs, Joy, Judgment, Jurisdiction, Just, Juvenile
K)Kin, Kindness, Kindred, Kinfolk, Kinship
L)Laughter, Legal, Lineage, Listener, Longevity, Loving, Loyalty
M)Maiden name, Majority, Marriage, Mate, Matriarch, Matrimony, Mature, Maturity, Memories, Mentoring, Minor, Mom, Monogamy, Morale, Morals, Mother
N)Natal, Neglectful, Nephew, Nest, Newlywed, Niece, Nuclear family, Nuisance, Nuptial, Nurture
O)Obedient, Obnoxious, Observant, Offspring, Open-minded, Optimism, Origin
P)Parent, Partiality, Partner, Paternity, Patience, Patriarch, People, Perceptive, Perseverance, Philosophic, Polite, Posterity, Pretentious, Principles, Progeny, Protection, Provider, Punishment
Q)Quality, Quantity, Quiet
R)Race, Relation, Relationship, Reliability, Reliance, Religion, Resilience, Resolution of differences, Respect, Respect, Responsibility, Retirement
S)Safety, Security, Senior, Sensible, Sensitivity, Separation, Sharing, Shivaree, Sibling, Sickness, Similarities, Sincerity, Single, Sister, Sisterhood, Solidarity, Son, Soul mate, Spouse, Standard, Stepmother, Support, Surname, Sweet, Sympathetic
T)Tact, Teamwork, Tenderness, Thoughtfulness, Ties, Time together, Tolerant, Tradition, Trait, Tribe, Triplet. troth, Trust, Trustworthy, Truthful, Twin
U)Uncle, Understanding, Unforgiving, Union, Unique, Unite, Unity, Upbringing
V)Vacation, Valuable, Values, Variety, Vigilance, Volunteer, Vow
W)Warmth, Watchful, Wedlock, Welcoming, Wife, Willingness, Wisdom, Wise, Work, Worry, Worthwhile, Worthy
Y)Youngster, Youth
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Simple Steps Help Create A Family from Linda L. Griffith, Scripps Howard News
These are 50 simple steps everyone can take to create happy families:

1. Say "I Love You" every day.
2. Apologize quickly and sincerely when you've made a mistake.
3. Laugh often so life doesn't get too serious.
4. Listen closely to what your spouse and children tell you.
5. Share your innermost dreams with each other.
6. Take your husband out to lunch.
7. Color with your toddler.
8. Cheer for your child from the sidelines, even if he never scores a goal.
9. Blow on your baby's tummy.
10. Go camping as a family.
11. Ask about your children's schoolwork every day.
12. Buy your wife new lingerie for Mother's Day.
13. Cry together during a good movie.
14. Let your 3-year-old where whatever she wants.
15. Plan a party as a family.
16. Look at old photo albums together.
17. Go fishing with your 9-year-old.
18. Cook together in the kitchen.
19. Know that bad days are followed by good days.
20. Tell your teen you are proud of him.
21. Let your daughter keep her night light in her room as long as she needs it.
22. Talk softly to a toddler who is having a tantrum.
23. Proudly display your youngsters' school pictures.
24. Plant a garden together.
25. Eat dinner as a family.
26. Keep mishaps in perspective.
27. Go miniature golfing.
28. Read to your children nightly.
29. Speak respectfully to each other at all times.
30. Make hot chocolate on a rainy day.
31. Encourage unique and interesting hobbies.
32. Maintain a family aquarium.
33. Heal arguments quickly.
34. Decorate your walls with family photos.
35. Give each other back rubs.
36. Hold hands when you walk together.
37. Thank your partner for going to work.
38. Attend Back-to School night.
39. Kiss your wife regularly in front of your children.
40. Exercise together.
41. Listen to your children's prayers.
42. Solve problems quickly and completely.
43. Build Legos with your fourth-grader.
44. Take dinner to an ailing neighbor.
45. Share stories with your children about when you were growing up.
46. Watch a bird build its nest outside your window.
47. Never intentionally embarrass a teenager.
48. Perform community service together.
49. Appreciate each family member's strengths and contributions.
50. Celebrate every chance you get.

"Our family is a circle of strength and love. With every birth and every union, the circle grows. Every joy shared adds more love. Every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger." anonymous

A Mother's Salary adapted from Al Neuharth's 2006 column on the value of stay-at-home moms. In it, he quoted job analysts at!

"The lowest-paying parts of a mom's job are housekeeper, laundry machine operator and janitor. Higher paying categories include computer operator facilities manager, psychologist and family CEO." He concluded his column indicating that a stay-at-home mom works "an average of 91.6 hours a week, worth $143,121 annually."

What shows family character? 1. Give/make a gift for someone just because...,
2. Remember to say, "I love you".
3. Donate your time to volunteer
4. Listen carefully to others
5. Visit a convalescent/nursing or retirement home
6. Email or write to a friend/relative just to say "hello!"
7. Give blood
8. Smile before asking someone to do something
9. Remember to say "thank you"
10. Participate in donations to charities
11. Hug a friend just because...
12. Observe and respect laws
13. Remind a friend not to drink and drive
14. Call home
15. Respect the Earth
16. Pray for others
17. Don't smoke
18. Encourage others...
19. Recycle products at home and at work
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