Faith Vocabulary Word List (492)

A)Abbot, Abide, Absolution, Acolyte, Affect, Affirm, Afterlife, Agnostic, Aid, Alleluia, Altar, Ancestors, Angel, Anglican, Apostle, Archangel, Archbishop, Asceticism, Atheist, Atone, Attendance, Awe
B)Banns, Baptism, Beads, Beatitudes, Belief, Believer, Benediction, Benefits, Benevolent, Bestow, Bible, Bishop, Bless, Blessings, Bliss, Born again, Bow, Buddhism
C)Candles, Canon, Cantor, Care, Cathedral, Celebrant, Celestial, Ceremony, Chancel, Chapel, Chaplain, Charity, Cherub, Choices, Choir, Chorale, Chorus, Christianity, Church, Church-going, Clergy, Cloister, Comfort, Commandments, Commitment, Communion, Community, Compassion, Comprehension, Conclave, Confession, Confidence, Confirmation, Conflicted, Congregation, Connection, Conscience, Consecrate, Conservative, Contemplate, Convent, Conversion, Convert, Conviction, Convocation, Core, Counsel, Courage, Coven, Covenant, Creator, Credence, Credibility, Credo, Creed, Cross, Crusade, Curative
D)Decision, Dedication, Deism, Deity, Deliverance, Denomination, Devotee, Devotion, Devout, Diaspora, Disciple, Discipline, Discussion, Divine, Divinity, Doctrine, Dogma, Doubts, Doxology, Duty
E)Ecclesiastical, Effect, Elder, Elevate, Embodiment, Emotion, Empathy, Enlightenment, Epiphany, Epistle, Essence, Eternal, Ethics, Eucharist, Evangelical, Everlasting, Exalt, Exaltation, Exodus, Express
F)Faith, Faithful, Family, Fasting, Fate, Father, Forgiveness, Fundamental
G)Gentile, Genuflect, Glory, God, Godliness, Good news, Goodness, Gospel, Grace, Gratitude, Graven, Growth, Guidance, Guilt, Guru
H)Habit, Habitual, Hallow, Halo, Happiness, Harmony, Healing, Heathen, Heaven, Hebrew, Heresy, Heretic, HInduism, Holy, Holy Days, Hope, Host, Humane, Humble, Humility, Hymn, Hymnal
I)Idol, Idyllic, Illuminate, Immortal, Implication, In Vain, Incarnate, Indulgence, Infallible, Infidel, Influence, Inherent, Insight, Inspiration, Instruct, Integral, Intercede, Interdenominational, Interfaith, Intuition, Investiture, Invocation, Issue
J)Jesuit, Jesus, Joy, Joyful, Judaism, Judgment, Just
K)Karma, Keen, Keep watch, Kingdom, Kneel
L)Laity, Latin, Laud, Lay person, Leaded glass, Life, Light, Litany, Love, Loving, Loyalty
M)Manifestation, Mantra, Marriage, Martyr, Meanings, Meditate, Mega-church, Mercy, Messiah, Mindful, Minister, Miracles, Mission, Missionary, Monarchy, Monastery, Monastic, Monotheism, Morality, Mormon, Mortal, Mosque, Movement, Music, Mystery, Mystical
N)Nature, Neophyte, Nod, Nomadic, Nonbeliever, Novice, Nun, Nurture
O)Observance, Offertory, Official, Omnipotent, Omniscience, Oracle, Oration, Ordain, Order, Organ, Orthodox, Outlook
P)Pacific, Pagan, Papal, Parish, Participate, Pastor, Pastoral, Patron saint, Peace, Peal, Penance, Penchant, Perception, Permanence, Perpetual, Persevere, Personal, Perspective, Petition, Piety, Pilgrim, Pilgrimage, Polytheism, Pontiff, Postulate, Power, Practice, Pray, Prayer, Preach, Premonition, Prescient, Presence, Priest, Principle, Priory, Privacy, Private, Proclaim, Profound, Programs, Promise, Proof, Prophet, Proselytize, Prosperity, Protection, Psalm, Psalter, Pulpit, Purity, Purpose
Q)Query, Quest, Questions, Quiet, Quintessence
R)Radical, Rally, Realization, Reassurance, Rebirth, Reciprocal, Rector, Redemption, Refectory, Reflection, Refuge, Reincarnation, Relationship, Relative, Religion, Religious, Repent, Resent, Restrict, Retreat, Revelation, Reverence, Reverent, Revile, Righteous, Rites, Ritual, Role, Rosary
S)Sacrament, Sacred, Sacrifice, Sacrilege, Sage, Saint, Saintly, Salvation, Same-sex, Sanctification, Sanctify, Sanctity, Sanctuary, Saturday, Savior, Scandal, Schism, Scripture, Sect, Sectarian, Secular, Security, Seeker, Seminary, Sense, Sensitive, Serenity, Serious, Sermon, Serve, Service, Sexton, Sharia law, Shepherd, Shinto, Shrine, Silence, Sin, Sinful, Skeptical, Society, Solace, Solemn, Solitude, Sorrow, Soul, Source, Spirit, Spiritual, Split, Stance, Statute, Succor, Suffering, Sufi, Sunday, Supernatural, Support, Supreme, Sustenance, Synagogue
T)Tabernacle, Talmud, Taoism, Teaching, Temple, Tests, Text, Theologian, Theology, Timelessness, Tithe, Torah, Tradition, Traditional, Tranquility, Transcendence, Transgression, Transitory, Trepidation, Trespass, Tribute, Trust
U)Unction, Understanding, Unique, Unity, Universal, Unknown, Uplift
V)Validation, Valor, Value, Vanity, Venial sin, Vespers, Vestment, Vicar, Vicissitudes, Vigil, Virgin Mary, Virtue, Vision, Visitation, Vizier, Voice, Voices, Volunteering, Vows
W)Watch, Wayward, Weight, Whole, Wisdom, Witness, Woe, Wonders, Word, Worldwide, Worry, Worship, Worthiness
Y)Yang, Yearning, Yin, Yogi, Youth programs
Z)Zeal, Zealot, Zealous
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