ESL, LEP, ELL Vocabulary Word List (347)

A)Ability, Academic, Accent, Accomplish, Achieve, Acquire, Activity, Adult, Advance, Advanced, Affinity, After-school, Age, Aim, Ambition, Ample, Analysis, Answer, Answers, Application, Apply, Approach, Appropriate, Articles, Asking, Assess, Assessment, Assign, Assignment, Attain, Attention, Attentive, Attitude, Auditory, Aural, Automatic
B)Balance, Basal, Basic, Begin, Beginner, Bilingual, Binder, Booklet, Boost, Building
C)Calendar, Capable, Care, Career, Challenge, Chapter, Check, Clarity, Class, Clinic, Clues, Cognates, Colloquial, Combination, Commitment, Common, Communication, Compete, Competent, Complement, Complete, Complex, Comprehension, Comprehensive, Concentration, Concept, Confidence, Conquer, Consistent, Constant, Contemporary, Content, Context, Continue, Control, Correct, Correction, Cost, Countless, Course, Create, Criteria, Critical, Culture, Current, Curriculum
D)Daily, Decode, Depth, Derivation, Describe, Description, Desire, Details, Develop, Differentiate, Difficulty, Diligence, Dimension, Direct, Direction, Discourage, Drill
E)Ease, Easy, Edit, Education, Effective, Elementary, Emphasis, Enable, Encouragement, English, Environment, Essential, Esteem, Evaluate, Evaluation, Excel, Experience, Explain, Explanation, Exposure, Expression, Extra
F)Factor, Facts, Familiar, Fast, Find, Flexibility, Fluency, Focus, Folder, Format, Foster, Frequency
G)Gap, Goal, Gradual, Grammar, Greeting, Groups, Growth, Guide
H)Hard, Help, Helpful, High, Hope, How
I)Ideas, Identify, Imagination, Immediate, Important, Improvement, Independence, Indicate, Inference, Inform, Information, Initiate, Initiative, Inspiration, Instruct, Instructor, Interest, Interpret, Involve, Items
J)Job, Joy
K)Key, Kindness, Know-how, Knowledge
L)Laborious, Language, Layers, Learn, Lesson, Level, Life skills, Linguistic, Listen, Longing
M)Magazine, Major, Manage, Management, Manual, Master, Maximum, Meaning, Measure, Memorization, Methodical, Minimal, Minor, Motivation
N)Natural, Necessary, Needs, Negative, Nonsense, Notebook, Novice
O)Objective, Offer, Opening, Operation, Optimize, Oral, Organize, Original, Outcome, Overview
P)Pace, Participation, Patience, Pattern, Perfect, Perfection, Persevere, Persist, Personal, Phonetic, Placement, Positive, Practical, Practice, Praise, Premise, Preparation, Prepare, Preview, Problem, Process, Proficient, Program, Programmed, Progress, Project, Prompt, Pronunciation, Proper, Provide, Pupil
Q)Quality, Quantity, Question, Quick, Quiz
R)Range, Readiness, Reading, Realistic, Recognition, Reference, Reinforce, Relate, Remedial, Repetition, Require, Research, Resource, Response, Responsibility, Result, Retention, Review, Revise
S)Sample, School, Select, Selection, Sequence, Series, Situation, Skills, Slang, Sort, Sound out, Speak, Specific, Strategy, Strive, Structure, Struggle, Student, Study, Subject matter, Subjects, Success, Successful, Suggest, Suggestion, Supplementary, Supportive, Synthesis
T)Taught, Teacher, Technique, Testing, Theme, Thinking, Time, Tips, Titles, Together, Tools, Topic, Trade, Trial, Troublesome, Try, Turning point, Tutor
U)Understand, Unit, Use
V)Valuable, Value, Variety, Various, Victory, Visual, Vocabulary, Volume
W)Widely, Will, Words, Work, Workbook, Worry, Writing
Y)Young, Youth
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