Equinox, Eclipse & Space Vocabulary Word List (215)

A)Aberration, Absolute, Accuracy, Alien, Alignment, Altitude, Analysis, Annular eclipse, Annular total eclipse, Anomaly, Apex, Aphelion, APOGEE, Apotheosis, Arc, Ascendant, Ascending node, Asteroid, ASTRONOMER, Astronomy, Atmosphere, Aubrey holes, AUTUMNAL, Axis, Azimuth
B)Beads, Beyond, Block, Body
C)Celestial, Central eclipse, Ceremony, Circular, Clouds, Cold, Colossal, Communication, Composition, Consequence, Contact, Contribution, CORONA, Cosmic, Cover, Cross, Crowd, Cusp, Cycle
D)Darkening, Darkness, Data, Daylight, Declination, Degrees, Delineate, Descendant, Descent, Discovery, Disk, Display, Distant, Documentation, Drift, Dust
E)Early, Eclipse, Eclipsing binary, Ecliptic, Edge, Einstein, Ellipse, ELLIPTICAL, Encircle, Engineer, Engulf, Eon, Equator, EQUINOX, Equipment, Event, Evidence, Evolution, Exposure, External
F)Farthest, Formation, Full moon
G)Galactic, Galaxy, Galileo, Global
H)Heavenly, Hemisphere, Hidden, Historic, Horizon, Hypothesis
I)Illumination, Image, Immediate, Impact, Inquiry, Investigation, Invisible infrared rays, Ionosphere, Ions
J)January, July, Justify
L)Latitude, Light, Longitude, Luminosity, LUNAR
M)Magnitude, Marvel, Measurement, Moon
N)Node, Numbers
O)Object, Obscure, Observable, OBSERVATION, OCCLUDE, Occurrence, Orbit, Outer space
P)Partial, Passage, Path, PENUMBRA, PERIGEE, Phase, Pinhole view, Pinpoint, Planetarium, Planetary, Position, Prediction, Prominence, Protection, Proton, Prototype, Public, Pulsar
Q)Quarter moon, Quasar, Quintessence
R)Reflect, REFRACT, Regress, Relative, Research, Revolve, Ring
S)Saros, Scientific, Scientist, Shadow, Sight, Significant, Size, Sky, SOLAR, Solar system, SOLSTICE, Source of light, Space, Spatial, Spectrometry, SPECTROSCOPE, Spectrum, Spherical, Stratosphere, Sunlight, Sunspot
T)Technology, Telescope, TELESCOPIC, Temperature, Terra, Thrust, Tide, Tilt, TOTALITY, Track, Tragedy, Training, Trajectory, Transmissions, Transport, Turbulence, Twinkle
U)Ultraviolet rays, Umbra, Unique, Universe, Unknown, Upper
V)Variable, Variation, Variety, VERNAL, View, Visible, Vision
W)Waning moon, Wavelength, Waxing moon, Weather
Z)Zenith, Zodiac
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Do you know?
A solar or a lunar eclipse happens only when the sun, earth and the moon are nearly in a straight line.
A solar eclipse happens when the shadow of the moon, traveling from west to east, covers the face of the earth. It moves at approximately 2,000 miles (3,200 km) per hour.

Eclipse Lesson Plan Ideas and Discussion at
1. Explain the differences between an annular eclipse, a partial eclipse, a solar eclipse and a total eclipse.

2. What was a theory held by Albert Einstein about light and stars?

3. Besides the earth and the moon, can other heavenly bodies experience an eclipse? What one(s)?

3. Define these terms: azimuth, Bailys Beads, corona, occultation, perihelion and synodic month offers more than 685 word lists. To see Eclipse, Space and Earth vocabulary word lists, go to the home page for interactive worksheets, word puzzles, word games and themed content with Latin Root words that align with Common Core Standards. 2500 pages of free content are available only online without ads. There are no fees.