Earth Day Vocabulary Word List (607)

A)Absorption, Abundance, Access, Accessibility, Accommodate, Acid, Acid-rain, Activist, Adaptation, Admire, Admonition, Advocacy, Advocate, Agent, Agriculture, Alternatives, Altitude, Amazon, Announcement, Anticipation, Anxiety, APATHETIC, Apogee, Appreciation, Aquatic, Aquifer, Archipelago, Asteroid, Astronomer, Astronomy, Atmosphere, Attraction, Audience, Awareness, Awesome
B)Backlash, Bacteria, Balance, Barren, Beach, Beachfront, Benefit, Bio-diesel, Biodegradable, Biodiversity, Biota, Blight, Bog, Boost, BOTANICAL, Boundary, Bountiful, Breeze, Brilliant, Bug, Buoyancy, Buzz
C)Calamity, Canyon, Capacity, Carbon dioxide, Catastrophe, Category, Celebration, Celestial, Cepheids, Ceremony, Chemicals, Chemistry, Choked, Clean-up, Climate, Coastal, Color, Combustible, Commercial, Commercialism, Commitment, Community, Condensation, Conference, Confidence, Conflagration, Confluence, Conservation, Conserve, Conspicuous, Consume, Consumption, Contamination, Contiguous, Continent, Continental crust, Contribution, Conviction, Corrosion, County, Crater, Creation, Creature, Crops, Crowd, Crucial, Crust, Culture, Curb, Current, Cyclone, Cynicism
D)Dam, Damage, Decline, Decompose, DEFOLIATE, Deforestation, Deft, Demise, Density, Denude, DEPLETE, Deplorable, Deposits, Desert, Destructive, Detection, Devastation, Development, Diesel, Difference, Dike, Direction, Disaster, Discharge, Discovery, Disease, Disposable, Diversity, Documentary, Domination, Dramatize, Drench, Drilling, Drought, Dumping, Dunes, Dust, Dynamic
E)Earth, Earthquake, Ecological, ECOLOGY, Ecosystem, Eddy, Efficiency, Effluent, Elation, Electrifying, Elimination, Emissions, Emotion(al), Encroach, ENDANGERED, Endemic, Energy, Enigmatic, Enthusiasm, Environment, Environs, Envision, Epicenter, Eradicate, Erode, Erosion, Eruption, Esker, Estuary, Euphoria, Euthenics, Evaporation, Evergreen, Evidence, Evolution, Exclusive, Exhaustion, Expanse, Experience, Exploration, Extinction, Extreme
F)Failure, Fallow, Falls, Famine, Fault, FAUNA, Feature, Fertile, Fibrous, Fields, Fierce, Filter, Fire, Fire-break, Fisheries, Flood, Flood waters, Flora, FLOURISH, Flow, Fluorescence, Food chain, Forecast, Forestry, Fossil fuels, Fracas, Fresh air, Frigid, Fumigation, Funnel cloud, Fuss
G)Galaxy, Gallons, Galvanize, Gander, Gases, Geothermal, Germs, Girdle, Glacier, Global, Global warming, Grasslands, Gravity, Greed, Greenhouse effect, Groundwater, Groves, Guideline, Gust
H)Habitat, Harbor, Harvest, Hatred, Hazard, Haze, Herbicide, High-risk, Hillside, Homeless, Hubbub, Humanity, Humidity, Hurricane, Hydroelectric, Hydrology, Hydroponic, Hydrosphere, Hygiene
I)Ice, Impact, Improvements, Incineration, Indigenous, Industry, Infect, Influence, Inhabit, Inhabitant, Initiative, Inquiry, Insects, Insight, Inspiration, Insulation, Intense, Interference, Inundation, Invade, Inversion, Investigation, Irrigation
L)Lagoon, Land form, Land trust, Landmark, Landscape, Layer, Lease, Litter, Logging
M)Magical, Magnificence, Magnificent, Mammal, Management, Marine, Maritime, Marsh, Maximization, Meadow, Measurement, Members, Mercury, Metamorphosis, Meteor, Methane, Microbes, Migration, Migratory, Mildew, Monsoon, Moon, Moratorium, Morphology, Mortality, Motion, Mountains, Movement, Mulch
N)Nascent, National, Native, Natural, Nature, Navigable, Nebula, Neglect, Nesting, Nitrogen, Nontoxic, Nostalgia, Nova, Nuclear, Nutrients
O)Obliterate, Observance, Ocean, Official, Onslaught, Ooze, Opposition, Organic, Organism, Organization, Original, Overlook, Overpopulation, OZONE
P)Panel, Parasite, Parkland, Passionate, Peninsula, Peril, Permutation, Perpetual, Pesticide, Pests, Petrify, Petroleum, Photovoltaic cells, Piedmont, Pinnacle, Plague, Planet, Plankton, Plants, Plot, Poison, Pole, Pollutant, Pollute, Pollution, Popular, Popularity, Powerful, Prairie, Precipitation, Predator, Predict, Prehistoric, Preservation, Preserve, Pressure, Pride, Primeval, Pristine, Prize, Proclaim, Prognosis, Program, Progress, Projection, Propagation, Property, Prosperity, Protean, Protection, Protest, Public, Pumping station
Q)Quake, Quality, Quantity, Quasar, Quest, Quiet
R)Radioactive, Rainwater, Recipient, Reclamation, Recognition, Record, Rectify, Recycle, Redwoods, Reeds, Reefs, Refuge, Reliance, Remains, Renewable, Replica, Repository, Reproduction, Rescue, Reserves, Reservoir, Resilience, Resolve, Respect, Restoration, Retrogression, Reusable, REVITALIZE, Revival, Ridge, Rights, Risk, Role, Rot, Rubble, Ruin, Rupture
S)Safety, Salinity, Salt flats, Salute, Salvage, Sand, Sandbar, Sanitation, Savanna, Scars, Science, Scientist, Scrap, Sea, Seafloor, Sediment, Seismic, Sentiment, Sewage, Shallows, Shelter, Shore, Shortages, Skepticism, Slide, Smog, Smoke, Smolder, Solar, Solstice, Soluble, Sonar, Source, Space, Spatial, Species, Spectra, Speculation, Speech, Spelunking, Spew, Spiel, Splendid, Sponges, Spotlight, Sprawl, Spring, Squatters, Staples, Starvation, Staunch, Stewardship, Storm, Stress, Stunning, Success, Sulfur, Sun, Sunlight, Supplies, Support, Surface, Survival, Survive, SUSTAINABLE, Swamp, SYMBIOSIS, Symptoms, Synergy
T)Taint, Task, Technology, Tectonic plate, Temperate, Temperature, Tempest, Tension, Terrain, Terrestrial, Thicket, Thrive, Tidal pool, Tides, Timber, Toil, Topography, Tornado, Toxic, Toxin, Tract, Traffic, Treatment, Tremor, Trespass, Tributary, Tribute, Triumph, Tropical, Trumpet, Tsunami, Tundra, Twister, Typhoon
U)Ultimate, Ultraviolet rays, Underwater, Undeveloped, Unique, Uplifting, Uproot
V)Valley, Vanish, Vapor, Vegetation, Velocity, Ventilation, Venue, Versatile, Vested interest, Vigilance, Violation, Virus, Visible, Vision, Vista, Volatile, Volcanoes, Volunteers, Vulnerable
W)Wallow, Waste, Watching, Water, Waterfall, Watershed, Waterspout, Waterway, Weather, Weeds, Wells, Wetlands, Whirlwind, Whitecaps, Whitewater, Wilderness, Wildfire, Wildlife, Wind, Wind power, Winner, World, World-class, Worldwide, Wreck
Z)Zealot, Zealous, Zenith, Zero-tolerance, Zone
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*apathetic, *botanical, *deplete, *defoliate, *ecology, *endangered, *fauna, *flourish, *ozone, *revitalize, *sustainable, *symbiosis

These Earth Day songs are a collection of commercially available songs. The artists should get credit. Karen compiled the list.
Eco-Band (Don Cooper's Recycled Songs, 1991)
Habitat (Let's Clean Up our Act - Songs for the Earth, 1989)
Gone Forever - I Hear A Tiger (On Safari) with Annie, 1992)
Hug the Earth (Tickle Tune Typhoon, 1991)
Drip Drop (Happy Earth Day to You - Annie and the Natural wonder Band, 1993)
The Animal Alphabet Song (Save the Animals, Save the Earth, 1991)
It's A Happy Earth Day Party (Don Cooper's Recycled Songs, 1991)
The Animal Rap (Save the Animals, Save the Earth, 1991)
Take Care of the Earth (Judy Leonard - Green Revolution, 1990)
Evergreen, Everblue (Raffi, 1990)
We Recycle (The Van Manens, 1990)
Pick Up Club, (Judy Leonard, Green Revolution, 1990)
La Tierra es Mi Madre (Sally Rogers - Piggyback Planet, 1990)
Earthkeeper (The Van Manens, 1990)
Eating Up the Forest (Source Unknown)
Good Garbage (Tom Chapin - Mother Earth, 1990)
Green Planet (Louise Lindenmeyer, 1990)
Pass It On Down (Alabama, 1990)
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