Dracula Vocabulary Word List (141)

A)Afraid, Ages, Appearance, Asunder, Aversion, Avoidance
B)Behavior, Bela Lugosi, Blood, Blood-sucking, Bloodthirsty, Bram Stoker, Brides
C)Caleche, Cape, Captivate, Castle, Ceremony, Character, Clouds, Coffin, Corrupt, Count, Creature, Creepy, Creepy, Crepuscule, Cringe
D)Darkness, Dead, Deceptive, Die, Disconcerting, Dismal, Domination, Drafting, Draining, Durability, Duration, Dwell
E)Endure, Exploit
F)Fantasy, Fascination, Feating, Fiction, Fiend, Flash, Forceful
G)Gary Oldman, Gasping, Ghastly, Gloomy, Grave
I)Imagination, Immortals, Impelled, Interpret
L)Late, Life, Lightening, Literature, Living, Locale, Long hair, Lore, Lugubrious
M)Macabre, Malignity. mew, Mannerism, Men, Mustache
N)Nightmare, Nighttime, Nocturnal, Nonsense, Novel
O)Obliquity, Occupation, Odium, Overtone
P)Pages, Pallid, Palpitate, Paroxysm, Petrify, Phosphorescent, Pitiless, Plateau, Popularity, Portrayal, Power
Q)Quake, Quivering
R)Red eyes, Reflection, Repel, Reputation, Reticent
S)Scandalous, Scare, Scary, Sentient, Sepulcher, Setting, Sexual, Shadows, Sinuous, Spell, Spell, Stake, Story, Sunlight, Superstition, Superstitions, Superstitious
T)Tale, Tall, Terrify, Thin, Title, Tragedy, Transformation, Transgression, Transylvania, Tremble, Trenchant
U)Underlings, Unsavory, Unusual
V)Vampire, Victim, Vivid
W)Wampyr, Water, Weakness, Wily, Women
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