Down syndrome Vocabulary Word List (115)

A)Abnormality, Accomplishments, Accomplishments, Accuracy, Activities, Advances, Advocate, Allowances, Assistance
B)Babies, Barrier, Benefits, Better, Birth
C)Can-do, Capacity, Care, Caregiver, Children, Chores, Chromosome, Coaching, Communication, Condition, Congenital, Connections, Counseling
D)Defect, Dependence, Description, Development, Diagnosis, Dire, Disposition, Doctor, Drama
E)Early, Education, Encounters
F)Family, Friendships
G)Generations, Genetic
H)Happiness, Health
I)Impairment, Improvements, Improvements, Independence, Influence, Information, Inspiration, Intervention, Issues
J)Jobs, Joy
L)Learning, Lessons, Limitations, Links, Living
M)Maximize, Memory, Men, Muscle tone
N)National Don Syndrome Society, Nurse
O)Occupational therapy, Others, Outlook
P)Parents, Patience, Patterns, People, Perseverance, Physician, Possibilities, Potential, Prenatal, Problems, Procedure, Programs
Q)Quiet, Quit
R)Regrets, Remarkable, Repair, Resources, Responsibilities, Risk
S)Siblings, Skills, Socialization, Speech, Speech, Strides, Strive, Sunny, Support, Surgery, Symptoms
T)Teaching, Tests, Therapies, Therapies, Therapy, Transitions
U)Undergo, Undergo
V)Visual learner
W)Women, Work
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