Disease Vocabulary Word List (109)

A)Abdominal, Abnormal, Acute, Affect, Aggressive, Airborne, Allergies
B)Bacterial, Benign, Body, Bone
C)Cancer, Carcinoma, Cerebral, Choices, Chromosome, Chronic, Communicable, Complex, Condition, Congenital, Contagious
D)Defect, Deficiency, Dementia, Disorder, Disorder, Distemper, Distress, Disturbance, Dysplasia
E)Effect, Endocrine, Environmental
F)Failure, Familial, Fatality, Function, Fungus
G)Gene, Genetic, Glands
H)Health, Hearing loss, Hereditary, Hypertension
I)Idiopathic, Immunity, Infectious, Intestinal
K)Keloids, Kidney
L)Latent, Localized, Lumbar
M)Malformation, Malignant, Medical, Mood, Muscle, Mutation
N)Nasal, Neurological, Neuropathy
O)Occult, Occupational, Oral, Organic, Osteoporosis, Ovarian
P)Pancreatic, Parasites, Pathogen, Peripheral, Personality, Pigmentation, Primary, Progressive, Public health, Pulmonary
R)Rare, Recessive, Remission, Renal, Respiratory, Rheumatoid
S)Sclerosis, Seizure, Sensory, Sepsis, Sinus, Spread, Squamous cell, Syndrome, Systemic
T)Therapy, Thrive, Thyroid, Trophy, Tumor
V)Vascular, Ventricular
W)Warts, Weakness, Wellness, Withdrawal
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