Dinosaurs Vocabulary Word List (190)

A)Action, Aggressive, Agile, Allegorical, Apparition, Appeal, Appendage, Archeology, Archosaurs, Astonishing, Attack, Attraction, Awe, Awesome
B)Beast, Beauty, Behavior, Behemoth, Believe in, Berserk, Bipedal, Bony Armor, Breathtaking
C)Captivate, Careful, Carniverous, Cave, Changes, Charisma, Conjure, Conquer, Conquest, Creature, Crests, Cretaceous, Critter, Cruel, Cunning, Curious, Cursed
D)Dazzle, Deadly, Demon, Dinosauria, Disappear, Discoveries, Diverse, Domination, Dragon-like, Dramatic, Drawn, Dread
E)Earth, Eek, Encounter, Enormous, Evolution, Existence, Extraordinary, Eyes
F)Fantastic, Fascination, Fear, Fearsome, Fiery, Floating, Flying, Forceful, Fossils, Fright, Frightful
G)Giant, Gigantic, Global, Grand, Grotesque, Groups
H)Hatch, Herbivore, Hidden, Hills, Historical, Horns, Howls
I)Imagination, Incredible, Indescribable, Injuries, Invade, Invasion
J)Jurassic. Extinct, Juvenile
K)Kill, Kingdom
L)Land, Large, Leathery, Legendary, Literature, Lore
M)Majesty, Mammoth, Marvel, Mesozoic, Misshapen, Monster, Mysterious, Mythical
N)Names, Nasty, Natural, Nemesis, New, Noise
O)Obliterate, Over-sized
P)Petrify, Phenomenon, Potent, Powerful, Prehistoric, Prey, Proportion, Prowl, Pugnacious, Pursuit
Q)Quadruped, Quail, Quake, Quest, Quiver
R)Raptor, Real, Realm, Remains, Repellent, Reptile, Repulsive, Revolting, Roam
S)Savage, Scales, Scare, Serpent, Size, Skeletons, Slither, Snout, Soaring, Special, Species, Spectacular, Spikes, Spiny, Stealthy, Story, Surprising, Symbolize
T)Tail, Tales, Taxonomy, Terrestrial, Terrible lizard, Terror, Tremor, Triassic
U)Ultimate, Unbelievable, Unique, Unreal, Unusual
V)Vanish, Vanquish, Variation, Variety, Vertebrates, Vicious
W)Weight, Weird, Wicked, Wild, Wilderness, Willies, Wince, Wings, World, Wrinkled
Y)Years, Yowl
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