Detectives Vocabulary Word List (524)

A)Abduction, Abuse, Access, Accident, Accuse, Action, Admission, Adult, Agency, Agree, Alarm, Alert, Alias, Allege, Appeal, Appearance, Appraise, Archives, Armed, Arraignment, Arrest, Arson, Ask, Aspect, Assignment, Assistance, Assumptions, Attitude, Authenticate, Authority, Authorize
B)Backup, Badge, Ballistics, Basis, Battery, Behavior, Belief, Blackmail, Bloodstain, Bodyguard, Bomb squad, Bond, Booking, Branch, Breach, Bribes, Brutal, Brutality, Burden, Bureau, Burglary, Busted, By-the-book
C)Capable, Captain, Capture, Careful, Catch, Cautious, Cease, Challenges, Character, Chase, Check out, Citation, Citizen, Civil, Claim, Code, Cold case, Colleague, Collude, Collusion, Commission, Commit, Communication, Community, Competitive, Complaints, Complicated, Concerned, Conduct, Confer, Confess, Confession, Confidential, Confrontation, Consent, Consider, Conspiracy, Consult, Contempt, Convict, Conviction, Cooperate, Cop, Coroner, Corrupt, Counterfeit, Court, Crimes, Criminal, Cruise
D)Damage, Danger, Dangerous, Deal, Dealings, Decisions, Dedication, Deduction, Deed, Deed, Defense, Deliberate, Delinquent, Deliver, Denial, Deny, Department, Deputy, Detain, Detect, Detective, Determination, Deviant, Dialogue, Difficult, Direct, Disappearance, Discovery, Disobedient, Disorderly, Dispatch, Disregard, District attorney, Documentation, Documents, Domestic disputes, Doubtful, Drugs, Drunk, Dupe, Duty, Dying
E)Educate, Education, Effect, Embezzle, Emergency, Emphasis, Enable, Encounter, Encumber, Enforce, Entail, Entrap, Equality, Equipment, Espionage, Ethical, Evidence, Examine, Execute, Experience, Expert, Expose, Extort, Extradition, Extreme, Eyes
F)Facts, Failure, Fairness, Family, FBI, Federal, Feisty, Felony, Fight, File, Fine, Fingerprint, Follow, Follow-up, Footprints, Force, Forgery, Formal charges, Foul play, Fraud, Freedom, Full-scale, Fundamental
G)Gang, Gore, Government, Guarantee, Guard, Guilty, Gum shoe, Gun
H)Handcuff, Handle, Harmful, Helpful, High-powered, Hijack, Hire, Holding, Homicide, Honest, Honor, Hostage
I)Ill-gotten, Illegal, Illegitimate, Immoral, Imprison, Inappropriate, Incompetent, Indict, Influence, Informant, Information, Initiative, Injury, Innocent, Innuendo, Inquest, Inquire, Instinct, Intelligence, Interests, Interfere, Internet, Interpol, Interpretation, Interstate, Intuition, Investigate, Investigation, Irregular, Issue
J)Jail, John Doe, Judge, Judgment, Judicial, Jury, Justice, Juvenile, Juvvy
K)Kidnapping, Kin, Knowledge
L)Laboratory, Larceny, Law, Lawful, Lawsuit, Lease, Legacy, Legal, Legitimate, Libel, Liberty, Licensed, Lie, Lieutenant, Limit, Links, Long hours, Lurk
M)Magistrate, Maintain, Majority, Malevolence, Malicious, Manslaughter, Mayhem, Menace, Minority, Miscreant, Misdemeanor, Missing person, Mission, Mob, Motivation, Motive, Motor pool, Motorist, Murder, Mystery
N)National, Negligence, Negotiate, Negotiate, Neighborhood, Notation, Notification, Nuisance
O)Oath, Obey, Obligation, Obsession, Offender, Offense, Officer, Official, Omission, Opinion, Opportunity, Order, Organize
P)Paper work, Parole, Partner, Partnership, Patrol, Patterns, Pedestrian, Penalize, Penalty, Penitentiary, Penny-ante, Perjury, Perpetrator, Phony, Plain-clothes officer, Plead, Police, Police academy, Power, Precedent, Prevention, Previous, Principle, Priors, Prison, Private, Probable cause, Probation officer, Procedure, Process, Professional, Profile, Proof, Property, Prosecutor, Protection, Prove, Provision, Public, Punishment
Q)Qualification, Quality, Quantify, Quantity, Quarrel, Quell, Query, Question, Quick, Quirks
R)Radar, Rank, Reading rights, Reasons, Record, Recruit, Red-handed, Redemption, Redress, Reduction, Refute, Register, Registration, Regulation, Reinforcements, Reject, Release, Report, Reports, Reprobate, Reputation, Research, Resist, Response, Responsibility, Restraining order, Restrict, Retainer, Revenge, Rights, Riot, Robbery, Rogue, Routine, Rules, Rulings
S)Sabotage, Safeguard, Safety, Sanction, Scandal, Scene, Scum bag, Sealed record, Search and rescue team, Searching, Secret, Seize, Select, Sentence, Sergeant, Seriousness, Serve, Services, Sheriff, Shift, Shooting, Shyster, Sighting, Situation, Skilled, Slander, Slaying, Sleazy, Sleuthing, Smuggling, Snitch, Solution, Solve, Sources, Squad, Stalk, State, Statute, Statute of limitation, Stipulation, Strangulation, Study, Subdue, Subpoena, Successful, Sully, Summons, Suppression, Surveillance, Suspect, Suspected, Suspicion, Suspicious, Sworn, System
T)Tactics, Tantamount, Taping, Tazer, Technique, Tense, Tension, Testify, Testimony, Theory, Threatening, Thwart, Tip, Traffic, Transfer, Trap, Treatment, Trespass, Trial, Trooper, Trust, Truth
U)Unacceptable, Unauthorized, Unclaimed, Unconstitutional, Undercover, Underpaid, Unintentional, Unit, Unjust, Unknown, Unlawful, Uphold, Urgency
V)Vagrant, Vandalism, Vanish, Verdict, Verification, Victim, Victimize, Viewpoint, Vigilante, Villain, Violate, Violation, Violence, Volume
W)Warped, Warrant, Watch, Weapon, Whodunit, Will, Wiretap, Wisdom, Witness, Wrong
Y)Young, Youth
Z)Zap, Zeal, Zealous, Zero, Zilch
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