Dentistry and Dental Health Vocabulary Word List (198)

A)Abscess, Accreditation, Ache, Amalgam, Analysis, Anesthesia, Appointment, Assist, Assistant
B)Baby teeth, Bacteria, Bands, Benchmark, Bib, Bite, Bone, Braces, Bridge, Bristle, Brush
C)CAD CAM, Canine, Care, Career, Case, Cavity, Cement, Chair, Chewing, Cleaning, Confidence, Consultation, Correction, Cost, Crown, Cutting edge
D)Decay, Dedication, Deformity, Degree, Dental, Dentifrice, Dentist, Dentition, Dentures, Detection, Devote, Diagnosis, Diet, Digital, Diploma, Discomfort, Disease, Disorder, Doctor, Drill
E)Education, Emergency call, Enamel, Endodontics, Ensure, Equipment, Ether, Examination, Expense, Experience, Explanations, Extract, Extraction
F)Face, Facial, False teeth, Fear, Filling, Flossing, Fluoride, Formation
G)Gold, Gums
H)Harelip, Health, Help, Hygiene, Hygienist
I)Immediate, Impacted, Implant, Impression, Incision, Incisors, Inflammation, Injection, Injury, Inlay, Innovative, Instrument, Insurance, Insure, Interval
L)Laboratory, Laser, Laughing gas, Licensed, Lips, Local
M)Malformation, Malocclusion, Medication, Molar
N)Needle, Nerve, Nitrous oxide, Non-removable, Noxious, Nurse
O)Office, Operate, Opinion, Opportunity, Optimize, Option, Oral surgery, Orthodontics, Ouch!
P)Pain, Painless, Palate, Partial denture, Patient, Payment, Penicillin, Periodontal, Plaque, Polishing, Porcelain, Practice, Precision, Preparation, Prescription, Preventative, Prevention, Professional, Promote, Prophylaxis, Prosthesis, Protection, Protocol, Pulp
Q)Quality, Quantity, Query, Questions, Quiz
R)Recline, Regularity, Remedy, Remove, Replacement, Rinse, Root-canal
S)Scaling, Schooling, Screening, Second opinion, Services, Silver, Skill, Smile, Specialty, Speed, Study, Sugar, Suture
T)Teaching, Technician, Teeth, Tissue, Tooth, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Total, Treatment
U)Unique, University, Unusual, Usual
W)Wax, Wear, Wearer, Whitening, Wisdom teeth, Worry
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