Day of the Dead Vocabulary Word List (171)

A)Acknowledgment, Admiration, Altar, Ancestors, Anguish, Anniversary
B)Balloons, Barriletes (kites), Bereaved, Blessings, Bones
C)Calaveras, Candles, Catholic, Celebrate, Celebration, Cemetery, Champurrado, Church, Closure, Clothing, Color, Comfort, Commemoration, Commiserate, Communal, Communication, Compassion, Comprehension, Congregation, Consolation, Corn, Culture, Custom
D)Daylong, Dead, Death, Deceased, Decorations, Departed, Devotion, Dia de los Muertos, Dignity, Distress, Dread
E)Elaborate, Elders, Emotion, Empathize, Endearing, Endure, Energy, Eternity, Evidence, Exaggeration, Express
F)Family, Favors, Fear, Festival, Festive, Flowers, Folk art, Food
G)Gathering, Gratitude, Graves, Grief
H)Hallowed, Headstones, Heart, Honor, Hope, Human
I)Icing, Impact, Implications, Infants, Invocation
J)Joy, Joyful, Jubilation
K)Keepsake, Kindhearted, Kinship, Kites, Kneel
L)Lament, Latin America, Lime, Linger, Litany, Living, Loss, Loved ones
M)Memories, Messages, Mexico, Moments, Mourn, Moving, Music
N)Noticeable, Numb
O)Observance, Occasion
P)Pain, Pan de muerto, Paper cutouts, Paper mache, Parade, Photographs, Pictures, Pictures, Pinata, Poignant, Popular, Prayer, Preach, Preserve, Priest, Procession
R)Recollection, Recounting, Recovery, Rejoice, Release, Religion, Remembrance, Respect, Reveal, Ritual
S)Sadness, Salute, Sentiment, Service, Skeleton, Skull, Solemn, Sorrow, Spectacle, Spirit, Spirits, Spun sugar, Stories, Suffer, Sugar skulls, Survivors, Sweets, Symbolize, Sympathy
T)Tangible, Tears, Tenderness, Tradition, Traditional, Treasure, Tribute, Trinket
U)Unique, Unknown, Upset
V)Vendor, Vigil, Visible, Visit, Vow
W)Woe, Worry, Worship
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