Dance Vocabulary Word List (229)

A)Academies, Acrobatic, Adagio, Affect, Allemande, Appreciation, Art, Artistic, Attribute, Audience, Authentic
B)Ballet, Ballet Russe, Ballroom, Band, Barre, Bearing, Beauty, Beguine, Blend, Body, Bolero, Bop, Born to, Bow, Buff, Bunny hop
C)Cakewalk, Cancan, Celebration, Cha-cha, Characteristic, Charleston, Choreography, Chorus dancers, Classes, Classical, Clockwise, Clog, Collaborative, Communication, Competent, Complex, Composition, Conga, Costumes, Cotillion, Craft, Cultural, Culture, Curtsy
D)Dancing master, Decor, Delicate, Description, Design, Develop, Devotion, Dip, Direction, Director, Disco
E)Effect, Effective, Effort, Effortless, Elegance, Emote, Emotion, Energy, Entertainment, Exercise, Experimental, Expertise, Expressive, Extraordinary
F)Facility, Fandango, Fashionable, Featured, Flamenco, Fling, Floor, Folk dancing, Form, Formal, Fox trot, Free, Frequency, Function, Funds, Future
G)Garment, Gavotte, Gesture, Glide, Grace, Grant, Groups, Gymnasium
H)High-stepping, Hora, Hula
I)Ideal, Identify with, Imitation, Improvise, Individuality, Informal, Inspiration, Inspired by, Interpret, Interpretation
J)Jazz, Jig, Jitterbug, Joyful, Jump
L)Leap, Leotard, Lift, Light, Line
M)Major, Make up, Mambo, Mastery, Maypole, Mazurka, Minor, Minuet, Mix, Modern dance, Money, Mood, Motion, Movement, Movies, Music, Musical, Musicality
N)Novice, Numbers
O)Orchestra, Organized, Original
P)Partner, Passion, Patterns, Penchant, Person, Piece, Polka, Popular dancing, Portray, Position, Posture, Powerful, Practice, Precision, Pressure, Primitive, Production, Program, Proportion, Purpose
Q)Quadrille, Quality, Quick
R)Recreation, Reel, Rehearsal, Rehearse, Revel, Revelation, Rhythm, Rise, Role, Rotation
S)Shuffle, Space, Spectacle, Spectator, Speed, Square dancing, Star, Steps, Strut, Student, Studio, Style, Suggestive, Support, Sway, Swirl, Symbolic
T)Talent, Tango, Tap-dancing, Tarantella, Teaching, Technical, Technique, Tempos, Theater, Theatrical, Themes, Therapy, Time, Timing, Tour, Touring, Traditional, Tribute, Troupe, Tuck, Twirl, Twist, Type
U)Unitards, Upright
V)Variety, Visual
W)Waltz, Whimsy, Wield
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Dance Lesson plan and discussion ideas: 1. Some Modern dance pioneers include Isadora Duncan, Loie Fuller, Ruth St. Denis, Emile Jacques-Dalcoze, Rudolf von Laban. Research their biographies and write about several of them.
2. Study the following ballet dancers and choreographers. Do you have a favorite or favorites? Why? What has been their influence? Alvin Ailey, Fred Astaire, Isadore Duncan, Martha Graham, Jose Greco, Twyla Tharp
3. List at least five reasons why people choose to dance. Discuss them. Do you enjoy dancing? Why? When?
4. Discuss types of dances, naming at least five types that appeal to you. offers more than 625 word lists. To see more Samba, Jazz, Music word lists, go to the home page for interactive worksheets, word games, word puzzles and themed content with Latin Word Roots that align with Common Core Standards. 2500 pages of free content are available only online without ads, registration or fees.