Cycling Vocabulary Word List (308)

A)Ability, Accessories, Acclaim, Accomplishment, Active, Adjustment, Advertise, Advocate, Aerobic activity, Aerodynamic, Aggression, Air pump, Allure, Amateur, Approach, Ascent, Association, Attack, Award
B)Balance, Basic, Bicycle, Bike, Break, Breakaway, Broadcast, Burning
C)Caravan, Carbon fiber, Cardiovascular fitness, Category, Challenge, Champion, Championship, Chance, Circuit, Circuitous, Circular, Clash, Classification, Climax, Climb, Closure, Cluster, Coach, Comeback, Competent, Competition, Competitive, Concede, Conditions, Consecutive, Control, Course, Crash, Culture, Cyclist
D)Dedication, Defeat, Degree, Descent, Design, Designation, Despair, Difficulty, Director, Distance, Division, Doping, Downhill, Drafting, Drop-off
E)Ease, Ecstasy, Efficiency, Effort, Endurance, Energy, Equalizer, Erratic, Escort, Estimation, Euphoria, Event, Execute, Exercise, Exhaustion, Experience, Exultation
F)Fans, Favorite, Finale, Finish, Fitness, Flat, Fluid, Focus, Foray, Formation
G)Gauge, Genuine, Glide, Grade, Gradient, Gradual, Groups, Grueling, Guardrail
H)Habit, Handlebars, Health, Heat, Helmet, Herculean, Hills, Honor, Humble, Humidity, Humility, Hydration
I)Impact, Inaugural, Incline, Individual, Injury, Innovation, Intense, Intentional, International, Interruption, Intersection, Interval
J)Jersey, Jolt, Joy, Jump
K)Keen, Kilometer, Kindred
L)Lap, Lead, Leader, Legend, Legendary, Length, Lever, Lifestyle, Limitations, Local, Long- distance, Loom
M)Maintenance, Marshal, Maximum, Measurement, Meeting, Mental, Moderate, Moderation, Motion, Motivation, Mountainous, Movement
N)National, Notable, Noteworthy, Notice, Nuance, Number
O)Official, Opening, Organizer, Outdoors, Outskirts, Overall, Oxygen
P)Pace line, Pack, Painful, Partner, Pavement, Pedal, Peloton, Performance, Personnel, Physical, Pile, Podium, Points, Popularity, Position, Potential, Practicality, Practice, Preparation, Prestige, Pride, Pro-tour, Professional, Pump, Punishment
Q)Qualify, Quality, Quick, Quiet, Quirk, Quit
R)Race, Rear, Recreation, Regimen, Regulate, Rehabilitation, Report, Resistance, Responsible, Rider, Riding, Rigorous, Risky, Rugged
S)Sacrifice, Segment, Shifting, Significant, Skill, Slippery, Slipstream, Slope, Spandex, Specialist, Speed, Spinning, Spirit, Sponsor, Sport, Sportsmanship, Sprint, Squad, Stage, Stamina, Standout, Star, Start, Steep, Strain, Strength, Strenuous, Stress, Stretch, Sunglasses, Sweat-soaked
T)Tactic, Team, Teamwork, Terrain, Testosterone, Third-tier, Time, Time-trial, Titanium, Tone, Top-tier, Toughness, Tour de France, Touring, Traffic, Trail, Training, Transition, Trek, Trial, Tuck, Turns, Twist, Two-wheel
U)Ultimate, Unique, Unit, Uphill
V)Vagary, Valuable, Variation, Vehicle, Velocity, Velodrome, Versatile, Victory, VIP, Vista
W)Weather woes, Weave, Weight, Wellness, Widespread, Wild, Will, Win, Wind resistance, Wonder, Workout, Worthy
Y)Yellow jersey
Z)Zeal, Zealous, Zigzag, Zone
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Unethical competition, cycling and sports vocabulary word list:
action, allege, charges, criminal, culpable, decision, discovery, dismissal, document, doping, dramatic, drugs, effective, evidence, fine, hormone, illegal, immediate, implicate, innocence, investigation, involvement, laboratory, lawyer, levy, nonsense, police, possession, prescription, remove, seize, serious, steroid, strike, suspension, tests, transfusion, use, widespread, withdraw provides more than 565 word lists. To see more Sports and transportation vocabulary word lists, go to the home page for interactive word glossaries, vocabulary puzzles, word games and themed content that align with Common Core. 2500 pages of free content are available only online without ads, registration or fees.