Cuba and Fidel Castro Vocabulary Word List (171)

A)Adjustment, Adoption, Agricultural, Aid, Antagonist, Antagonize, Anti-communist, Appearance, Armed, Arrested, Ascent
B)Barracks, Batista, Bay of Pigs, Bearded band, Blockade, Brazen, Brinkmanship, Brother, Bureaucracy, Business
C)Cafe cubano, Caribbean, Caution, Celebration, Change, Charismatic, Cigar, Claim, Commemorate, Communist, Confront, Control, Controversial, Crack down, Critical, Criticism, Cuban Missile Crisis, Cubans
D)Danger, Decades, Defense, Demise, Difficulty, Dissident, Distribution, Dogma, Domestic
E)Economics, Embargo, Enmity, Era, Ernesto Guevara, Exiles
F)Face, Fees, Fidel Castro, Fiery, Fighting, Fleeing, Force, Free, Fright, Funds
G)Global, Goods, Government-run, Graft, Gringo, Guard, Guerrillas
H)Harsh, Havana, Hemisphere, Hierarchy, Housing
I)Illness, Imperialism, Implication, Imports, Inequity, Influence, Inspire, Island, Isolation
L)Latin America, Leader, Leadership, Lease, Leftist, Longevity, Loss
M)Malaise, Manifestation, Military, Minister, Momentum
N)Nationalize, Nuclear missile
O)Official, Output, Outspoken, Overthrow
P)Pace, Pact, Parade, Parcel, Party, Perception, Permission, Permissive, Plantains, Policy, Politician, Politics, Power, President, Prevalent, Prisoner, Problems, Public, Punishment
Q)Query, Questions
R)Raul, Recalcitrant, Refugee, Regime, Release, Restrictions, Revolt, Revolution, Revolutionary Armed Forces, Rum, Rural
S)Sanction, Security, Sentenced, Shortages, Sidelines, Socialist, Soldier, Soviet Union, Spectators, Speculation, Speech, State, State-run, Status quo, Strategy, Strength, Sun
T)Thwarted, Times, Trade, Transportation
U)Uprising, Urging, US
V)Victory, Violence, Violent
W)Wages, Waning, Warp, Weakness
Z)Zealot, Zealous
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Cuba and Fidel Castro Lesson plan and discussion idea: Research the1959 Revolution. What has happened to Cuba since Communism occurred?
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