Cruises Vocabulary Word List (199)

A)Accommodation, Activity, Admiration, Adults, Advantage, Adventure, Advice, Alternative, Ambiance, Arrival, Attractive, Awesome
B)Balance, Beautiful, Beverage, Boat, Bon voyage, Booking, Brochure, Buffet, Buoy
C)Cabin, Captain, Cargo, Casual, Check out, Children, City, Clothes, Coast, Commerce, Companionship, Condition, Conditions, Congenial, Consume, Cost, Crafts, Crew, Cruise, Cuisine, Customs
D)Dancing, Deal, Deck, Departure, Designed, Destination, Dine, Discounts, Drinks, Duty
E)Edge, Education, Elderly, Elevator, Embark, Entertainment, Equip, Equipped, Escort, Event, Excursions, Exercise, Expedition, Experience, Exploring
F)Fancy, Fare, Farewell, Features, Float, Food, Friends, Frivolous, Fun
G)Games, Gratuity, Group, Guests, Guidance, Gym
H)Harbor, Helpful, Honeymoon, Host
I)Incredible, Indoor, Indulge, Industry, Itinerary
J)Journey, Joy
L)Landmark, Learning, Leisure, Lifeboat, Live it up, Location, Lounge, Luggage
M)Majority, Maritime, Mate, Minority, Motion, Movement, Movies
O)Observance, Ocean, Officer, Operate, Options, Opulence, Orientation, Outdoor, Outrageous, Overbook, Overindulge
P)Package, Party, Passengers, Peaceful, Placid, Pleasure, Pool, Port, Portion, Preparation, Program, Purchases, Pursuit
Q)Quality, Quantity, Query, Quest
R)Radar, Rehearse, Relaxation, Request, Resolution, Restful, Retirement, Rock, Romance, Routine
S)Safety, Sail, Savvy, Scenic, Sea, Seasick, Services, Settle, Ship, Shore, Shows, Sights, Sitting, Spectacle, Splash, Staff, Stairs, Starboard. stateroom, Steward, Stopover, Swimming
T)Temptation, Time, Tip, Tour, Tourism, Training, Traipse, Transfer, Travel, Traveler, Trial, Trip, Tug
V)Vacation, Verify, Vessel, View, Visit, Voyage
W)Water, Waterway, Waves, Weather, Weight, Wellness, Willing
Y)Young, Youth
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Cruising Adjectives word list:
available, boring, beneficial, breathtaking, carefree, captivating, charm, classic, comprehensive, deluxe, fascinating, impeccable, inspiring, instructive, inviting, magical, perfect, scenic, spectacular, sublime, timely, typical, unique, unrivaled, wonderful, worthwhile
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