Criminals Vocabulary Word List (157)

A)Abduction, Accessory, Accomplice, Acquittal, Aggravated assault, Alias, Apprehension, Arraignment, Arrest, Arson, Assault, At large
B)Bail, Ballistics, Ballistics, Bandit, Battery, Blackmail, Bribery, Brigand, Brutality, Burglary
C)Case, Cat burglar, Coercion, Collar, Commission, Con artist, Conceal, Condemn, Confession, Conflict, Conspiracy, Contempt, Correctional institution, Criminology, Crook
D)Deadly, Delinquency, Detection, Detective, Detention, Disorderly, Dragnet. fingerprints
E)Endangerment, Entrapment, Evidence, Evidence, Exonerate, Extortion, Extradite, Eye witness
F)Falsehood, Felony, Fence, Flight, Forensics, Fraud, Frisk
G)Gang, Gangster
H)Handcuffed, Hearsay, Hit man, Homicide, Hooligan
I)Impersonation, Imprisonment, Incarcerate, Incriminate, Infringe, Injury, Interference
J)Jacket, Jury, Jury tampering, Juvenile
L)Larceny, Lawless, Liability, Lie detector test, Line up, Loan shark
M)Malfeasance, Malicious, Malpractice, Manhunt, Manslaughter, Mayhem, Men, Mugger, Murder
N)Nab, Negligence
O)Obscenity, Offense
P)Parole, Perjury, Pickpocket, Police, Polygraph, Posse, Precinct, Prison, Prisoner, Private eye, Probation, Prowler
R)Racketeering, Rape, Reckless, Resistance, Resisting arrest, Robbery, Rough, Rumble, Rumrunner
S)Safecracking, Scofflaw, Search, Seizure, Sentence, Sentence, Serial killer, Shanghai, Shoplifting, Skipping bail, Slander, Smuggling, Solicit, Squad, Squatter, Squatter, Stakeout, Statue, Stealing, Stool pigeon, Substantiate
T)Terrorism, Testimony, Theft, Treason, Trespass
U)Unlawful, Usury
V)Vagrancy, Vandalism, Vice, Violation, Violence
W)Weapon, Wired, Witness, Women
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