Counterfeiting Vocabulary Word List (207)

A)Abroad, Absorbent, Accuracy, Activity, Allowance, Alternative, Amateur, Apprehension, Authorization
B)Back, Bank, Banknotes, Billions, Black, Bleach, Blend, Brilliant
C)Calculate, Calculation, Care, Careful, Cash, Cautious, Chemical, Chromium, Clandestine, Collapse, Colorant, Colors, Commission, Consistency, Conspiracy, Conspire, Conviction, Copy, Cotton, Counterfeiter, Counterfeiting, Craft, Cream, Crime, Crime, Crook, Crucial, Currency
D)Defend, Dependability, Desirability, Diplomacy, Dollars, Drying, Duplication, Duplicity, Durable, Duty
E)Economics, Emboss, Enforcement, Engraving, Enterprise. fraud, Eradicate, Evidence, Exact, Exacting, Experiment, Expert
F)Faith, Fakes, Felon, Fibers, Foreign, Forger, Forgery, Formula, Fortune, Front
G)Gather, Government, Green, Growth, Guard
H)Hidden, History, Holdings, Hue
I)Illicit, Impossible, Improvise, Industry, Ingenuous, Ink, Innuendo, Intaglio, Intelligence, Interdiction, Introduction, Investigate, Investigation, Investigator, Involvement
L)Lasting, Laundering, Law, Lawless, Legal, Legal, Legend, Linen, Lines, Lithography, Loading, Loans
M)Machine, Manufacture, Market, Measure, Middle East, Mistakes, Money, Murder
N)Nations, Necessary, Need, Nickel, Numbers
O)Obsession, Obtain, Obvious, Official, Operation, Original
P)Packet, Panic, Paper, Paper maker, Passing, Plate maker, Plates, Police, Polymer, Precise, Precision, Press, Print, Printing, Production, Professional, Protection, Pulp, Pursue
Q)Quality, Quantity, Query
R)Racket, Regulation, Relationships, Reliable, Reports, Restriction, Ring
S)Scale, Schemer, Senate, Serial numbers, Sheets, Solution, Solve, Sophistication, Sources, South America, Specification, Specifics, Speculation, Spending, Stability, Stakes, Stealth, Subcommittee, Supplier, Surface, Suspect, Suspicion, Sweep, Swindle, System
T)Talent, Thief, Threads, Tint, Trouble, Trucks
U)Unchanging, Uniformity, Unique, Unmistakable, Unofficial
V)Value, Vehicles, Volume
W)Warehouse, Worth, Worthless
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