Comstock Lode Vocabulary Word List (265)

A)Abandon, Advantage, Affect, Alcoholism, Altitude, American West, Amounts, Anticipation, Anxiety, Area, Assay, Assist, Attempt
B)Bankruptcy, Beckon, Belief, Bimetallism, Blaze, Bonanza, Boom, Boom town, Boundary, Broke, Burden, Buried, Bust, Bustle
C)Cabins, California, Camp, Capital, Challenges, Claim, Climb, Coinage, Cold, Collecting, Commodity, Commotion, Competition, Complications, Comstock Lode, Conceal, Conditions, Copper, Cover, Covert, Cradle, Creek, Currency, Cutthroat
D)Death, Debris, Delivery, Demand, Deny, Deposit, Descent, Despair, Detect, Detection, Determination, Develop, Difficult, Dirt, Disadvantage, Discovery, Dishonest, Dispute, Ditch, Document, Doubt, Dream, Dreary
E)Effect, Embedded, Engineering, Epic, Equipment, Eventful, Evidence, Excavate, Excitement, Exhaustion, Exploit, Explore, Exposure
F)Fever, Flock, Foil, Formation, Fortune, Fortune hunter, Freewheeling, Frontier
G)Gambling, George Hearst, Grosh (Ethan and Hosea)
H)Hardship, Hardworking, Heat, Henry Comstock, Heritage, Hidden, Historical, Honest, Hope, Horseback, Horses, Hunger
I)Illness, Impact, Information, Interaction, Interest, Investment, Issues
J)James C. Flood, Jinx, Journey, Joy
L)Labor, Laborer, Lacking, Law, Lawless, Lead, Legal, Load, Lode, Lodging, Losses, Luck, Lure
M)Mania, Map, Measure, Memorabilia, Mercantile, Metal, Metallic Ore, Millionaires, Mills, Miner, Minerals, Mining, Mining, Miserable, Monetary, Money, Monitor, Mountains, Movement
N)Nasty, Neglect, Nevada, Nugget, Numbers
O)Obsession, Obstacle, Official, Opportunist, Opportunity, Ore, Overland, Ownership
P)Pack animals, Panning, Passion, Path, Persuade, Pick ax, Piles, Pioneers, Pipeline, Play out, Preserve, Prices, Primitive, Produce, Profit, Prospect, Prospector, Purpose
Q)Quality, Quantity, Quartz, Quest
R)Recovery, Region, Rental, Reveal, Risk, Rock, Rough, Route, Rugged, Rush, Rustic
S)Sacrifices, Scale, Scarcity, Seek, Serious, Settle, Settlement, Shack, Sierra Mountains, Sift, Sky-high, Slogan, Smelt, Soldiers, Spur, Stage coach, Stake, Standard, Stealing, Strike, Struggle, Supplies, Supply, Sway
T)Thousands, Toil, Toll, Tools, Town, Trail, Transportation, Treasure, Trial, Trouble, Tunneling
U)Undergo, Unfortunate, Unique, Unscrupulous, Unusual
V)Value, Vein, Verify, Vicinity, Virginia City
W)Wagering, Wagons, Water, Wealth, Weary, Weather, Weigh, West, Western, Westward, Wilderness, William Jennings Bryan, Witness, Work, Worthless
Z)Zeal, Zealous, Zinc
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Samuel Clemens lived in Virginia City as a newspaperman. During his stay there, in his younger days, he began using the name Mark Twain. He even worked in the Comstock Mills! He published "Roughing It" in 1872 and included a passage that read: " There is nothing so aggravating as silver mining." offers more than 395 word lists. To see more Gold Rush, Money and Old West word lists, please go to the home page for interactive worksheets, word puzzles, word games and themed content. 2500 pages of free content at are available only online. There are no fees.