Colors Vocabulary Word List (703)

A)Absorption, Acritochromacy (color blindness), Aesthetic, Alabaster, Albino, Amaranth (dense plumes of green or red flowers), Amber, Amethyst, Amount, Anaemic, Analogous, Aniline, Anthocyanin (pigment that gives apples their red), Apricot, Aqua, Aquamarine, Ashen, Attract(ive), Aubergine, Auburn, Aura, Aurora, Autumnal, Avocado, Azure
B)Basic, Bay, Beam, Beet root-red, Beige, Biscuit, Bisque, BLACK, Black and Blue, Black Arrow, Black as Night, Black as Sin, Black as the Ace of Spades, Black Bear, Black Beauty, Black Beer, Black Belt, Black Book, Black Box, Black Bread, Black Coffee, Black Comedy/Humor, Black currant, Black Day, Black Death, Black Dog (of Depression), Black Eye, Black Friday, Black Gold (oil), Black heart, Black Hills, Black Hole, Black Light, Black Magic, Black Market, Black Panther, Black Prince, Black Sea, Black Sheep, Black Thoughts, Black Treacle, Black Year, Black-and-White, Black-hearted, Black-skinned, Blackball, Blackberry, Blackbird, Blackboard, Blackhead, Blackleg, Blacklist, Blackmail, Blanche, Blanched, Bland, Bleach(ed), Bleed, Blend, Blond, Blood-red, Bloodless, Bloody, Blot, Blue Bluebeard, BLUE Comedy, Blue Cross, Blue Movie, Blue Peter, Blue Ribbon (Cordon Bleu), Blueberry, Bluebird, Bluebottle, Blueprint, Bluestocking, Blur, Blush, Bold, Bone, Bran, Brick-red, Bright(ness), Brilliant, Brindled, Bronze(d), BROWN, Brown as a Berry, Brown bagging, Brown Sugar, Brown-nose, Brown-out, Brownie, Brownish-gray), Brownstone, Bubble-gum Pink, Burgundy, Burnished, Buttercup-yellow, Butterscotch
C)Cafe au Lait, Calico, Camembert, Camouflage, Candy Floss-Pink, Candy-stripes, Cappuccino, Caramel, Cardinal Red, Carmine, Carnelian, Carnival, Carotenoids, Cast (an overspread of a color or modification of the appearance of a substance by a trace of some added hue), Cerulean (sky-blue), Chameleon, Chamois, Champagne, Charcoal, Chartreuse (yellowish-green), Check, Checkered, Cherry, Chestnut, Chinese-red, Chlorophyll, Chocolate, Choleric, Chromatic, Chrome, Cinnabar, Cinnamon, Citrine, Citrus, Claret, Cloudy, Coal-black, Cobalt, Cochineal, Color, Color blind, Color-coded, Color-coordinated, Colorfast, Coloring, Colorless, Complementary, Complexion, Composition, Contrast, Cool, Copper, Coral, Corona, Coruscating, Costume, Crayon, Cream, Crimson, Crystalline, Cyan (greenish-blue)
D)Dappled, Dark, Day glow, Dazzling, Deep, Deep Purple, Degree, Delicate, Depth, Diffuse, Discoloration, Discolored, Disguise(d), Display, Distinguish, Distortion, Dove gray, Dowdy, Drab, Dragon Fruit skin, Dreary, Dull, Dun, Dusky, Dusty, Dye
E)Easel, Ebony, Ebullient, Ecru (beige, Effulgent, Eggshell, Electric Blue, Emblazon, Emblematic, Emerald, Emotive, Evocative, Exaggerate, Expressionist, Expressive, Exuberant, Eye
F)Fair, Fairy lights, Fawn, Fern-green, Fierce, Filthy, Flamboyant, Flame, Flaming, Flamingo-pink, Flashy, Flat, Flax, Flesh, Floral, Florid, Fluorescent, Fuchsia (commemorates the sixteenth-century German botanist Leonhard Fuchs), Fuse, Fusion
G)Garish, Garnet, Gaudy, Gentian, Get the Green Light, Ginger, Glare, Gleaming, Glistening, Glittering, Glitz(y), Gloomy, Gloss(y), Glowing, Going Green, Gold Medal, Gold Standard, Gold Wedding Anniversary, Gold(en), Golden Egg, Golden Syrup, Gradation, Granite, Grape, GREEN, Green around the Gills, Green Dragon, Green Fingers, Green Flash at sunset, Green Peace, Green Room, Green Thumb, Green with envy, Green-eyed Monster, Greenback, Greener Pastures, Greenfly, Greenhorn, GREY, Grey area, Grey Market, Grey Mood, Grey-faced, Greyhound, Greyness
H)Halo, Harsh, Have Something in Black and White, Hay, Hazel, Heliotrope (green chalcedony with red spots that resembles blood), Henna, Herringbone, Highlight, Hoar(y), Honey, Hue
I)Illuminated, Illumination, Image, Imagery, Imbue, Impregnate, Impressionist, In a brown study (deep in thought); Brunette, In the Black, In the Pink, In the Red, Incarnadine, Indigo (from the Portuguese word which means the Indian (dye), Infrared, Ink(y), Insipid, Intense, Intensity, Iridescent, Iris, Ivory, �Green Flash� (at sunset)
J)Jade, Jarring, Jaundiced, Jet, Jonquil (daffodil yellow)
K)Kaleidoscopic, Karat, Khaki (Urdu for dusty) Kingfisher Blue, Khmer Rouge
L)Lackluster, Lambent, Lambent, Lapis lazuli, Lavender, Lavish, Lazuline, Leaden, Leech(ed), Lemon, Light, Like Waving a Red Flag at a Bull, Lilac, Lime, Limpid, Literally unbleached), Little Red Book, Little Red Rooster, Livid, Lobster, LOUD, Lowers blood pressure; quiets the mind, Lucent, Luminous, Luster, Lustrous
M)Mackerel (sky), Magenta, Mahogany, Maize, Mandala, Mango, Mangosteen (inner skin), Marbled, Marigold, Marine Blue, Maroon (maron � sweet chestnut), Mauve (French for mallow), Mayonnaise, Melanin, Metallic, Milky, Mint, Mirage, Misty, Mixed, Mixture, Mocha, Molasses, Moonlit, Mosaic, Moss-green, Mother-of-Pearl, Motley, Mottled, Muddy, Multi-colored, Murky, Mustard, Muted
N)Nacreous, Navy blue, Neon, Neutral, Nickel, Nigrescent, Noctilucent, Nuance, Nutmeg
O)Obfuscate, Obscure, Obsidian, Ocher, Olive, Once in a Blue Moon, Onyx, Opalescent, Opaque, Optical illusion, ORANGE, Osmosis, Ostentatious, Out of the Blue, Overcast, Oxblood, Oyster
P)Paint, Painted, Painting, Paisley, Pale, Palette, Pallid, Palomino, Passive Pink, Pastel, Patina, Pattern, Pea-green, Peach, Peacock-blue, Pearl(y), Penetrate, Penumbral (pertaining to the region of partial shadow around an umbra), Peppered (with) Peppermint, Permeate, Pervade, Phosphorescent, Photograph, Pictorial, Picture, Picture-perfect, Piebald, Pigment(ion), PINK, Pink Collar, Pink Elephant, Pink Lady, Pink Panther, Pink Slip, Pinkville (Mai Le Massacre), Plaid, Plum, Polished, Polka-dot, Pomegranate, Poppy-red, Postcard, Primary, Prism, Protean, Puce (literally flea-colored!), Purple Heart, Purple Prose (an elaborately written poem or paragraph in literature), PURPLE: suppresses the appetite, Putty
R)Radiant, RAINBOW, Rainbow Bridge, Rainbow Gathering, Rainbow Serpent, Rainbow Tribe, Rainbow Warrior, Range, Rangoli, Raucous, Raven, Ray, Razzmatazz, RED, Red Admiral, Red Alert, Red Army, Red as a Beet root, Red Baron, Red Cabbage, Red Carpet Treatment, Red Crescent, Red Cross, Red Herring, Red in the Face, Red Indian, Red Lantern, Red Letter Day, Red Light District, Red Meat, Red Nose Day, Red Rose (Lancenshire emblem), Red Square, Red Squirrel, Red Tape, Red Wine, Red-cheeked, Red-eyed, Red-faced, Red-handed, Red-Nosed Reindeer, Redden, Redhead, Reds under the Bed, Redskin, Reflection, Refulgent, Repel(lant), Reproduction, Resulting from total obstruction of light), Rich, Riot, Roan, Robin Redbreast, Robust, Rose, Rosy, Rouge, Rubicund, Ruddy, Russet, Rust, Rusty
S)Sable, Saffron, Salmon, Salt & Pepper, Sand Painting, Sand(y), Sandstone, Sanguine, Sapphire, Saturation, Scarlet, Sea-green, Secondary, Sepia (pigment from the ink of the cuttlefish), Shade, Shadow, Sherry, Shimmer, Shock, Shocking pink, Sienna (earth pigment), Sight for sore eyes, Silhouette, Silky, Silver, Sing the Blues, Sizzling, Skewbald, Sky-blue, Slate, Sleek, Smoke(y), Snapshot, Snow White; Wavelength, Snow-white, Sooty, Sorrel, Spangled, Spartan, Speckled, Spectrum, Spill, Spotted, Stain, Stark, Strawberry roan, Strawberry-blone, Striped, Subtle, Suffuse, Sulphur-yellow, Sunburst, Sunlit, Sunset Yellow, Swarthy
T)Taint, Tan, Tangerine, Tanned, Tartan, Taupe (=mole, Tawdry, Tea leaf, Teal, Technicolor, Tenebrous (gloomy), Terra cotta, The Grass is Always Greener�, The Great White Hope, Tickled Pink, Tie-dye, Tiger-striped, Tiger�s Eye, Tincture, Tinge, Tint, Titian, To come up smelling of rose, To See Red, To see the world through rose-colored glasses, Toffee, Tone, Topaz, Tortoiseshell, Tourmaline, Translucent, Transparent, Treacle, True Blue, Turn Blue (in the Face), Turquoise
U)Ultramarine, Ultraviolet, Umber, Umbra (a region of complete shadow, Understated, Undertone, Uniform, Urgent
V)Vanilla, Vapid, Varicolored, Variety, Varnish(ed), Velvet, Veneer, Venetian Red, Verdant, Verdigris, Vermillion (Latin for �worm-colored), Very light brown, Vibrant, Violet, Visual, Vivid
W)Walnut, Warm, Watery, Wheat(en), WHITE, White as a Sheet, White Bread, White Christmas, White Coffee, White Collar Worker, White Elephant, White Feather, White Flag, White Gold, White Goods, White house, White Lie, White Light, White Magic, White Meat, White Might (White is Right), White Noise, White Rose (Yorkshire emblem), White Sauce, White Slave Trade, White Sugar, White Supremacist, White Wedding, White Wine, White Witch, White-hot, Whitefly, Whitehall, Whitewater, Wine-red, Without a Red Cent
X)Xanthodontous (yellow-toothed)
Y)Yantra, YELLOW, Yellow Fever, Yellow Jack (a flag flown on a vessel to show that it is under quarantine), Yellow Journalism (newspaper articles sensationalized in order to sell more papers), Yellow Submarine, Yellow Taxi, Yellow-bellied, Yellow-dog Contract, Yellow-skinned
Z)Zebra-striped, Zest, Zing
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BLUE: lowers blood pressure and body temperatures; cools down; solitary people enjoy its coolness.
ORANGE: adds energy
PURPLE: suppresses the appetite; lowers blood pressure; quiets the mind
RED: makes a person feel warm; RED stimulates, excites and warms the body. It increases the heart rate and respiration. Traditionally the color red is believed to be stimulating and energizing. The hue is often associated with anger and sin; increases appetite and energy; raises blood pressure.
WHITE: purity, grief (Asia)
YELLOW: stimulates memory; encourages concentration

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