Civil War Vocabulary Word List (527)

A)Abolition, Abolitionist, Account, Accuracy, Action, Advance, Advantage, Aggressor, Agriculture, Aim, Alert, Alliance, Ambush, Ammunition, Anguish, Annihilate, Appomattox, Armory, Arms, Army, Arrest, Arsenal, Artillery, Assassination, Attack, Authority, Automatic
B)Bandages, Barricade, Battle, Battlefield, Bayonet, Bedroll, Belligerent, Besiege, Betray, Bitterness, Bivouac, Blast, Blind-side, Blockade, Blood, Bloodshed, Bloody, Bonnie Blue Flag, Bounty, Breech, Brigade, Brutal, Bullet, Burial, Burning, Bury
C)Caisson, Campaigns, Cannon, Canteen, Captive, Capture, Carbine, Carnage, Carpetbagger, Casualties, Cause, Caution, Cavalry, Chaos, Charge, Charred, Clandestine, Clash, Collapse, Combat, Command, Compassion, Compromise, Concentration, Concussion, Confederate, Confederate, Conflict, Confrontation, Confusion, Congress, Conscript, Consequences, Consolidate, Conspire, Contact, Control, Coordinates, Copperheads, Corps, Corpse, Cotton, Counterattack, Courageous, Courier, Crisis, Crops, Crops, Cross-hairs, Culpability, Currency
D)Damage, Danger, Dangerous, Dash, Dead, Deadly, Death, Debacle, Debris, Declaration, Decline, Defeat, Defect, Defection, Defend, Defense, Defensive, Demolish, Desertion, Despair, Destroy, Destruction, Detect, Detection, Devastation, Devotion, Die, Disarray, Disaster, Disastrous, Discipline, Disease, Dispatch, Disperse, Dispute, Disruption, Distance, Division, Doctor, Dominate, Doomed, Downfall, Draft, Drama, Dramatic, Dread, Duck, Duty, Dysentery
E)Economy, Emancipation, Embankment, Encounter, Endurance, Enemy, Engagement, Escape, Execute, Execution, Exercise, Exhaustion, Expectations, Explode, Explosion, Explosive
F)Farming, Fatal, Fear, Fearless, Federal, Feint, Feud, Fierce, Fiery, Fight, Fighter, Flank, Flank, Flee, Flight, Foraging, Forceful, Forces, Forest, Fortification, Fortification, Fray, Frenzy, Fright, Frigid, Front lines, Furtive, Fusillade
G)Gallantry, General, Gettysburg, Goober pea, Gore, Government, Grave, Graybacks, Greenbacks, Grief, Grievous, Groans, Guard, Guns
H)Hardship, Hardtack, Harsh, Hate, Hatred, Havelock, Haversack, Hazards, Hero, Heroic, Heroism, Hide, Hit, Horses, Horses, Hospitalize, Hostility, Howitzer
I)Ignite, Impact, Improvise, Incident, Industry, Inequality, Infantry, Infiltrate, Inflame, Inflation, Inform, Injuries, Instructions, Insurrection, Intelligence, Intense, Intercept, Interrogation, Intervene, Intimidate, Invade, Investigate, Involvement, Ire, Ironclad, Issues
J)Jackson, Join
K)Keen, Keg, Kepi, Kill, Killing, Knives
L)Lamentation, Launch, Lee, Legacy, Legislation, Lincoln, Loathsome, Losses, Loyalty
M)Machines, Maim, Maneuvers, Manpower, Marauding, March, Marshes, Mason-Dixon Line, Massacre, Mayhem, Militant, Military, Militia, Mines, Mission, Mistreatment, Momentum, Monitor, Mounds, Muscle, Musket
N)Negotiation, Neutralize, Nightmare, Nom de guerre, North, Northerner, Notorious, Nullification, Nurse
O)Offensive, Officer, Onerous, Operation, Opposition, Options, Order, Outbreak, Outnumbered, Overrun
P)Patriot, Patriotism, Patrol, Penetration, Performance, Personal Liberty Laws, Petrify, Photography, Plunder, Politics, Position, Potent, Powder, Power, Powerful, Preparation, Prison, Prisoner, Proclamation, Protest, Provoke, Prowl, Pugnacious
Q)Quail, Quantity, Quarrel, Queasy, Quell, Quest, Questions, Quiver
R)Rage, Ragged, Railroads, Rally, Ravage, Ravish, Readiness, Rebel, Rebel, Rebellion, Reconnaissance, Reconstruction, Recovery, Recruitment, Red Cross, Reform, Refugee, Regime, Regiment, Reinforcements, Relentless, Reparation, Reprisal, Reputation, Rescue, Resistance, Retaliate, Retreat, Retribution, Revenge, Ricochet, Rifle, Rift, Rival, Rot, Rout, Ruthless
S)Sacrifice, Salt Pork, Salvage, Sanction, Savage, Scare, Score, Scramble, Scurvy, Secession, Secrecy, Secret, Sectionalism, Security, Sedition, Seize, Seizure, Sensors, Sentry, Separation, Setback, Shelling, Shells, Shock, Shoot, Shortage, Shot, Showdown, Siege, Skirmish, Slaughter, Slavery, Smuggle, Soldier, Sorrow, South, Southerner, Spokesman, Spotter, Spy, Stash, States, States Rights, Stealth, Stockade, Storage, Storm, Stowe (Harriet B.), Straggler, Strategic, Strategist, Strategy, Strength, Strife, Strike, Stronghold, Struggle, Suffering, Superstition, Supplies, Support, Suppression, Surprise, Surrender, Survival, Survivor, Suspect, Swamps, Sword
T)Tactics, Target, Telegraphy, Temperature, Tension, Terrain, Territory, Terror, Terrorize, Threaten, Thwart, Tobacco, Topple, Torch, Tourniquet, Tragic, Training, Trample, Transportation, Trap, Trauma, Treachery, Trenches, Triumph, Troops, Tubman: Harriet, Turbulent
U)Unbelievable, Underground Railroad, Uniform, Unify, Union, Unit, Unite, Unleash, Uprising, Urgency
V)Valiant, Valor, Vanish, Vehicle, Veteran, Vicious, Victory, Vigorous, Vile, Violation, Violence, Virginia, Vision, Visionary, Vital, Vociferous, Void, Volunteer, Vow, Vulnerability
W)Wage, War, Warrant, Watchful, Waterways, Weapon, Well-trained, Wince, Wisdom, Worldwide, Wounds, Wreckage
Y)Yankee, Yankee, Yearn, Yelling
Z)Zeal, Zealot, Zigzag, Zone
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Other names for the Civil War: War Between the States, the War of Rebellion, the War of Secession, The War for Southern Independence

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