Civics, Government Vocabulary Word List (239)

A)Account, Accountability, Advice, Advise, Affect, Aid, Aides, Amendment, Anthem, Approval, Arms, Assembly, Assent, Aura, Authority, Average, Awe
B)Balance, Bedrock, Belief, Bill of Rights, Bipartisan, Blunder, Boycott
C)Capital punishment, Cause, Charisma, Charm, Citizenship, Civil, Civil rights, Clash, Cohesive, Commander-in-chief, Concepts, Concession, Confirmation, Conflict, Congressional, Consequence, Constituents, Constitution, Contempt, Control, Controversial, Cordiality, Culture
D)Deadline, Death penalty, Debate, Decisive, Declaration of Independence, Delivery, Democracy, Deter, Difference, Difficulty, Discontent, Discussion, Disrespect, Dissent, Distance, District, Diversity, Donation, Due process
E)Effect, Employment, Enforcement, Equal, Equality, Equation, Ethics, Evidence, Execution
F)Faction, Factual, Fateful, Flag, Foster, Founding Fathers, Franchise, Freedom
G)Gamesmanship, Glory, Goals, Govern, Government, Gracious, Greatness, Gun control
H)Happening, Happiness, Hearings, Heartland, Heritage, Hopeful, Housing
I)Illegal, Implement, Independence, Innovate, Insight, Inspiring, Integrity, Interest, Intrigue, Investigation, Issues
J)Joy, Judicial, Justice
K)Keen, Kindness
L)Lasting, Law, Leader, Leadership, Legacy, Legislate, Liberty, Limitation, Local level, Lofty
M)Mainstream, Measure, Mediate, Military, Militia, Monument, Moral, Morale, Mortality
N)Nation, National, Need, Newspapers, Notable, Notification, Notorious, Novice
O)Objective, Obstacle, Operate, Opinion, Opportunity, Option, Outpouring, Overcome, Overhaul, Oversight
P)Parties, Partisan, Passage, Patient, Patriot, Patriotism, Peaceful, Penalty, Perpetuity, Petition, Polarize, Politics, Pork belly, Power, Practice, Presidential, Press, Pressure, Principal, Principles, Privacy, Protection, Protest, Provocative, Pursuit
Q)Qualm, Query, Question, Quick, Quid pro quo
R)Ratings, Reasoning, Recovery, Redistricting, Regional, Religion, Resignation, Respect, Responsibility, Retaliation, Reverence, Revolutionary, Rights, Rights, Rules
S)Secretive, Security, Separation of power, Social Security, Social service, Solution, Speech, Spite, Standoff, Stars, State, Statue of Liberty, Stripes, Support, Surveillance, Symbol
T)Threat, Timely, Tolerance, Tumult, Turnout
U)Unanimous, Understanding, Unification, Unique, Unite, Unnecessary
V)Value, Vilify, Visionary, Vital, Volunteer, Vote
W)War, Welfare, Windfall, Wisdom, Witness, Work
Z)Zeal, Zealous
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Civics and government lesson plan and discussion ideas:
Do you know these answers?

1. If/when a war is declared, what group needs to approve that decision?
2. Name the location of the Statue of Liberty. Hint: Give a complete answer, thinking of all three locations!)
3. In the US government, how many branches are they? What are their main functions?
4. How many stripes and how many stars are there on the current American flag? 5. Name the year that the Constitution of the United States was written. Name at least six men who signed it!
6. When a person decides to become an American citizen, he/she needs to make several promises. Name four of them!
7. What were the last five states to join the United States? Name them
8. After the Constitution was written, additions were made to it. What are they called? What name is given of the entire first ten? offers more than 680 word lists. To see more word lists across the curriculum, please go to the home page for interactive worksheets, word puzzles, word games and themed content that aligns with Common Core Standards. 2500 pages of free content are available only online. There are no fees, no registration.