Cicadas Vocabulary Word List (98)

A)Adult, Amplify, Annoying, Antennae, Area
B)Brood, Bug, Bugs, Buzz
C)Chorus, Cicadas, Clicking, Climate, Critter, Crunch, Culinary, Cycle
D)Damage, Deafening, Decibel, Delicacy, Deposit, Digging, Distinct, Distribution
E)Earth, Eggs, Emerge, Emergence, Enemies, Enthusiast, Entomologist, Extensive, Eyes
F)Feed, Females, Flying, Frons
G)Genus, Ground
H)Harmless, Harmless, Hear, Hemiptera, Hidden
I)Imago, Influx, Inhabit, Insect, Invade, Invasion
L)Leafhoppers, Life, Listen, Location, Locusts, Long-lived, Lore
M)Males, Mate, Molt
N)Noise, Nuisance, Nymph
O)Ocelli, Orchards
P)Periodic, Pitch, Predation, Problems, Proboscis
S)Sap, Seventeen years, Shell, Size, Sound, Species, Spittlebug, Spring, Swarm, Symbol
T)Terrain, Thirteen years, Timing, Transform, Tree cricket, Trees, Tymbals
U)Underground, Unique, Unwelcome
W)Water, Weather, Wings
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