Chocolate Vocabulary Word List (260)

A)Addictive, Admiration, Adulterated, Advertisement, Aficionado, Allure, Anti-stress, Antioxidant, Aphrodisiac, Aroma, Artisan, Assortment, Attribute
B)Bad habit, Balance, Bars, Beans, Benefits, Bittersweet, Blend, Block, Box, Brand, Broekel (Ray), Burst, Business, Butte, Butterfat, Buy
C)Cacao, Calories, Candy, Candy maker, Caramel, Celebration, Centers, Character, Chemical, Chewy, Chocoholic, Chocolate, Chocolaterie, Choices, Classy, CMA= Chocolate Manufacturers Association, Cocoa, Coconut, Comestible, Company, Competition, Complex, Components, Confection, Confectioners´┐Ż sugar, Consumption, Covered, Craft, Craving, Craze, Cream, Creamy, Creation
D)Dainty, Dappled, Dark, Dazzle, Decadent, Delectable, Delicacy, Delicious, Demand, Diet, Dipped, Disappear, Discontinued, Distinct, Distribution, Drenched
E)Eat, Endorphin, Enjoy, Enthusiastic, Enticing, Equipment, Exacting, Exotic, Expensive, Expertise, Extract
F)Facility, Factory, Factory-made, Famous, Fat content, Favorite, Ferment, Filing, Filled, Flavanols, Flavor, Fondant, Food of the gods
G)Ganache, Garnish, Gift, Global, Goodies, Gorge, Grind
H)Habit, Hallowed, Handmade, Health, Hershey, High-end, Hybrid
I)Incomparable, Indulgence, Industry, Influence, Ingredient, Intense, International, Irresistible
J)Jobber, Joy, Junk food
L)Legendary, Lifestyle, Liquid, Liquor, Lover, Low-end, Loyalty, Lump, Lure, Luxury
M)Making, Manufacturer, Market share, Mars, Marshmallow, Mayan influence, Medication, Melt, Milk chocolate, Mixture, Moderation, Morsel, Mouth-watering, Mystery
N)Nestle, Nibs, Nostalgia, Nougat, Nuance, Nugent
O)Obtainable, Official, Olfactory, Original, Out-of-this-world
P)Passion, Peanuts, Pieces, Plantation, Pleasure, Pod, Popularity, Pound, Powder, Praline, Preference, Preparation, Presents, Press, Process, Profile, Profits, Properties, Pure, Purity, Pursue
Q)Quality, Quantity, Queries, Quest
R)Rain forest, Ration, Recipe, Refine, Regional, Response, Retail, Revelation, Revere, Rich, Roast
S)Sample, Sauce, Savor, Scoop, Seasonal, Seductive, Selection, Sell, Sensual, Serotonin, Shape, Shavings, Shell, Significance, Silky, Sin, Smell, Smooth, Snack, Soft, Sold, Sophistication, Standard, Sublime, Sugar, Supplier, Supply, Susceptible, Sweet, Swiss, Switzerland, Syrup
T)Tablet, Taste, Texture, Treat, Truffles
U)Ultimate, Unique, Universal, Unsweetened, Unusual, Unveil, Upscale
V)Valentine´┐Żs Day, Value, Vanilla, Variety, Vat, Versatile
W)Wafer, Walnuts, Wonderful, Worth it, Wrapper
Y)Yearly, Youth, Yummy
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A list of some countries with chocolate lovers who spend a lot of money buying chocolate:
Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, Great Britain and Austria.

Chocolate facts:
Adapted information from Tim Talevich: Sweet Indulgence and Dazzle Me With Chocolates Sweetie by Leith Steel

Cacoa trees are located principally in Brazil, Central America, Ghana, Indonesia and on the Ivory Coast. Trees grow to 25 feet. Hard-shelled pods develop from branches and trunks. Each one contains 20-50 cocoa beans. They resemble large seeds or small footballs in shape. The pods have to be cut off trees manually. The beans are removed from the pods, put into low boxes and are covered with banana leaves. They ferment and dry in the sun or when hot air is blown over them.
Varieties: criollo=rare, high quality; foraster=most common; trinitario
Central Americans originally crushed beans and made a bitter, cold beverage.
Christopher Columbus brought the first beans back to Spain. Montezuma may have drunk more than 60 mugs of chocolate for energy. Cortes drank a dark drink, chocolatl, with the Aztecs in the 16th century.
In 1849 Joseph S. Fry, British citizen, created the first chocolate bar to eat. In 1876, Daniel Peter, a Swiss, invented milk chocolate.
During WW1 soldiers were given chucks of chocolate in their rations. It became a popular candy.
Unsweetened chocolate = pure chocolate, without sugar or milk
Milk chocolate has at least 10% chocolate liquor
Bittersweet chocolate is the darkest with at least 35% chocolate liquor
(The higher the cocoa percent, the more intense is the flavor)

Well recognized chocolatiers include: Bouchard lEscaut, Daskalids, Neuhaus, Gudrun, Devas, Hershey, Mars and Nestle

Chocolate Lesson Plan:
Please also see Food, Nutrition, Valentines and Health vocabulary lists
1. Recent studies suggest chocolate is an antioxidant. Explain what it may prevent. List some of the scientific reasons for its benefits.
2. Why does chocolate make people happy? Discuss the effects of serotonin.
3. Discuss why men and women generally like a gift of chocolate. Would YOU prefer flowers or chocolate? Why?
4. Discuss the transition from ma-and-pa shops to large conglomerates.
5. Name at least ten different chocolates/chocolate candy bars that you know. offers more than 730 word lists. To see more Halloween Sweets, Chocolate candy or Food vocabulary lists, please go to the home page for interactive word games, word puzzles and themed content that align with Common Core Standards. 2500 pages of free content are available only online without registration, ads or fees.