Chisholm Trail, Old West Vocabulary Word List (147)

A)Alert, Ambush, Anxious, Arms, Arrow, Audacious
B)Bawl, Bedroll, Blaze, Bow, Brand, Buck, Buffalo, Bush
C)Calves, Camp, Campsite, Canter, Cattle, Challenges, Cluster, Coax, Country, Courage, Cowboys, Crossing
D)Danger, Days, Dehydration, Dependence, Designate, Destination, Destiny, Dirt, Discourage, Disease, Distance, Drive, Drover, Dusty
E)Experience, Explore
F)Famed, Fear, Fighting
G)Gallop, Graze, Ground, Group, Guide
H)Hardship, Herd, Hills, Historic, Homestead, Horseback, Horses
I)Indians, Insist
J)Jerky, Journey
K)Keen, Keep, Kill
L)Landmark, Landscape, Leader, Liniment, Lodge-pole, Loss
M)Marker, Miles, Moisture, Monotonous, Mud, Mustangs
N)Nature, Noise, Notice
O)Oklahoma, Overgrown, Ownership
P)Plain, Pond, Pow-wow, Property, Protection, Provisions
Q)Quality, Quantity
R)Rancher, Reference, Region, Reins, Remembrance, Responsibilities, Ride, Rider, Rivers, Roping, Round up, Route, Rugged
S)Saddle, Scenic, Scout, Set up, Shade, Shooting, Sight, Sour, Sources, Steer, Stirrups, Stories, Stray, Superstition
T)Target, Team, Temperatures, Tepee, Territory, Texas, Time, Trail, Trees, Trip, Trot
U)Unknown, Unusual
V)Vagaries, Vale, Valiant, Variety, Veteran, Vigilant
W)Waste, Watchful, Water, Wayward, Weeds, Wind, Woe, Wound
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Chisholm Trail lesson plan ideas might include cattle drives, cowboys, homesteaders, pioneers, settlers and the old west.
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