Chemistry Vocabulary Word List (196)

A)Abiosis, Acid, Acidic, Affect, Alchemist, Alkaline, Allotrope, Alteration, Amphoteric, Analysis, Anomaly, Antigen, Apparatus, Application, Arrangement, Astatine, Atomic, Atomic number, Atrophy, Azeotropic
B)Balance, Base, Benzene, Bonding, Bromine, Burning
C)Carbon, Carcinogen, Catalyst, Cell, Centigrade, Chain, Change, Chemical bond, Chlorine, Colloid, Combination, Composition, Compound, Concentration, Conclusion, Consumption, Crystal, Current
D)Data, Decomposition, Desalination, Desiccant, Determination, Detritus, Discovery, Display, Distillation, Dopant, Dynamics
E)Efflorescence, Electrical, Electrolysis, Electron, Elements, Enzyme, Equilibrium, Ester, Examination
F)Ferment, Fission, Fluid, Fluorine, Formula, Fractionation, Fuel cells
H)Halogen, Heat, Helium, Hydrocarbon, Hydrogen, Hydrolysis, Hydroxide, Hypothesis
I)Impurity, Inactive, Inert, Inhibitor, Inorganic, Inquiry, Instruction, Interaction, Interactive, Investigation, Iodine, Ion, Ions, Isomer, Isotope
L)Laser, Latent heat, Light, Lipid, Liquid, Litmus paper
M)Magnetic, Matter, Measure, Melt, Metals, Microbe, Mixture, Molecule
N)Negative charge, Neon, Neutralize, Neutrons, Non-carbon, Non-living, Nonmetallic, Nuclear, Nucleus, Number
O)Orbit, Organic, Osmosis, Oxidation, Oxygen
P)Particle, Periodic table, Pharmacology, Phenomena, Physical, Pipette, Pollution, Polymer, Positive charge, Power, Practical, Process, Properties, Protein, Protons, Pure
Q)Quantum theory, Quark
R)Radiation, Radical, Radioactivity, Reaction, Reagent, Rectify, Reduction, Refine, Release, Revelation, Revert
S)Salt, Scientist, Semiconductor, Separation, Soluble, Solvent, Speed, Substance, Suspension, Symbiosis, Symbol, Syneresis, Synergy, Synthesis, Synthesize, Systematic name
T)Table, Temperature, Titration, Toxin, Transformation, Transition
U)Undissolved, Unit, Unreactive, Uranium
V)Valency, Validation, Values, Vapor, Vary, Versatile, Viscosity
W)Water, Wave-particle duality, Weight
Z)Zinc, Zirconium, Zymoscope
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