Charities, Community Service Vocabulary Word List (180)

A)Access, Addiction, Advocate, Advocate, Affiliation, Afford, Agency, Alliance, Altruism, Assess, Assistance, Assurance, Avant-guard, Award
B)Benefactor, Benefits, Bequest, Beyond, Boost, Bucks, Build
C)Careful, Cause, Challenge, Charities, Check, Coalition, Collegial, Community service, Confidence, Conserve, Contribute, Contribution, Convincing, Cooperation, Corporation, Costs, Create, Credit, Cyberspace
D)Dedicate, Donate, Donation, Donor
E)Education, Empower, Entry-level, Establish, Expectation, Experience
F)Faith, Federation, Fight, Financial, Fiscal, Flourish, Focus, Foresee, Foundations, Fundraising, Funds
G)Generosity, Generous, Gifting, Give back, Giving, Goal, Goodwill
H)Health, Help, Helping hand, Hero, Homeless, Honesty, Hope, Hours
I)Impact, Importance, Impression, Individuals, Information, Informed, Innovate, International, Invest, Investment
L)Largesse, Lasting, Leadership, Legitimate, Lifesaving, Low-income
M)Matching gifts, Matching gifts, Members, Mentality, Method, Micro-donation, Mission, Modest, Money
N)National, Needs, Needy, Non-profit
O)Optimism, Organization, Outreach, Overhead, Oversee
P)Patron, Philanthropy, Pitch in, Pool, Positive, Positive, Potential, Poverty, Prize, Procedure, Projects, Prosperity, Purpose
Q)Quality, Qualm, Quandary, Quantify, Quantity, Query, Quest
R)Raise, Raise money, Reach out, Rebuilding, Regulate, Relationship, Relief, Religion, Renew, Renovate, Represent, Rescue, Research, Resources, Restore, Rules
S)Safe, Safe, Saving, Scholarship, Serious, Service, Sharing, Sharing, Social work, Specialize, Sponsor, Strategy, Strength, Success, Support, Survival, Survivor
T)Teamwork, Time, Tireless, Together, Track, Trust
U)Unique, Universal
V)Venture capital, Volunteer
W)Warrant, Win, Wisdom, Worker
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